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Simple Menu Bar Application For Mac and Windows

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A Calculator That Does More πŸ‘

Alt Text

Functions To Help Your Daily Life βœ…

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Let's Do Some Math βž—

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macOS 10.9+, Windows now available!


Download, unzip, and move to the /Applications folder.


Download, unzip, and use


Math βž•

  • Calculations can be simple or complex 5 + 4 (4**3)/(4839-32+423)
    • + plus
    • - minus
    • * multiply
    • / divide
    • % modulo
    • ** exponent
  • :sqrt returns square root ex. :sqrt(4)
  • :abs returns absolute value ex. :abs(4-7)
  • :log returns log (base 10) ex. :log(100)
  • :ln returns natural log (base E) ex. :ln(50)
  • :e returns e^x ex. :e(2)
  • Trig functions are within code but aren't guarenteed to give a desired answer, so they aren't included in this list.

Date and Time ⌚

  • :today returns the current date; you may add or subtract days ex. :today + 5
  • :datein returns the date plus the value you pass ex. :datein 3
  • :daysof returns the amount of days in the value passed ex. :daysof jan :daysof 3 years 5 months
  • :time returns current time

Money πŸ’Έ

  • :off returns a percentage off of a value ex. 20% :off 300 3% :off 50.50
  • :of returns percentage of a value ex. 50% :of 40 16% :of 32.70

Misc. πŸ–₯

  • :color takes a Hex color code and displays a rectangle of inputed color ex. :color(#000)


  • Quit: command + Q

Future Iterations

  • May Change UI
  • More Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Parenthesis
  • Auto Updater (IMPORTANT)
  • More Functions
  • Correct Trig functions
  • Dark Mode

Ispiration and Thanks

  • Devin Rousso Thanks for your guidance and help with getting me in the right direction. Go grab the GroupMe client.


MIT Β© Chaz Woodall