Making commands more interactive.
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cp CommandPrompter

Making commands more interactive.

What is this plugin for?

CommandPrompter is for plugins such as Chest Commands. Where players could click an Item in the GUI and execute a command that have been pre-defined in the config as the player that clicked the item. The downside of Chest Command is that you already have to provide a command argument for an IconCommand(The item). Now with CommandPrompter, you can configure that pre-defined command for an Item to have an argument prompt.

How do I use this plugin?

If a player execute a command with arguments that are surrounded by "<" and ">". Those arguments are considered prompts. So after a player executes a command with prompts. CommandPrompter will send those prompts back to the player without the "<>" one by one and wait for the player's response. CommandPrompter will keep sending prompts until all the arguments have been replaced with the player's response.


Player executes: /gamemode <What game mode do you want to switch to?>
CommandPrompter sends: What game mode do you want to switch to?
Player sends: creative

All prompts have been answered, CommandPrompter now makes the player execute the command "/gamemode creative".

So on your Chest Command. Just configure an item to have a command that have argument prompts (surrounded by <>) and that command will be dispatched by the player when the Item gets clicked.


Just drag and drop the jar file to your plugins folder. No need to configure anything, no permissions, and no commands. But there is a config file if you do want to configure it. Should work like a charm.


The idea for this plugin came from the user named Tommiek on Bukkit forums. Someone already wrote a similar plugin according to the thread, but the project page for that plugin can no longer be found. So I tried to recreate the plugin. The link for that thread is here.

Updates will be released.