Code for the quickstart on how to request a DOI with CyVerse
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CyVerse Data Commons DOI Request Quickstart Repo

You should import this repo to build CyVerse Quickstarts

See this quickstart rendered on ReadTheDocs

What this repo contains

Item Description Notes
index.rst Home page for documentation. Before you being. documents written in markdown will need to be converted to restructured text
step2.rst Organize the dataset in the CyVerse Data Store
step3.rst Add metadata to the dataset top folder
step4.rst Submit the request for the DOI and wait for validation
step5.rst After data are published
/img (folder) Images for the tutorials CyVerse logos and other useful images are already here
example_directives_delete.rst Example page with code for common restructured text objects
cyverse_rst_defined_substitutions.txt restructured text substitutions for common URLs and images Place to add tutorial and author name;versioning This page
/slides (folder) Slides associated with the tutorial here version controlled files preferred, PPT acceptable
/misc (folder) miscellaneous needed for building documentation License this license file applies to all materials created by CyVerse for this documentation Contact information and recognition

Simple contribution instructions

Reporting an error or issue via GitHub

  • Click the 'issues' tab at the top of this GitHub page to let us know about a simple mistake such as a typo or missing file.


More complex contributions

Fixing and/or improving documentation via GitHub

  1. Fork this repo to your GitHub account
  2. Make edits directly to the index.rst file. Edits may be made to the fork the web interface to your GitHub account or clone the repo to work on your local computer. For very significant changes (we suggest making a new branch).
  3. Commit change; if working from a local copy, push those changes to your fork in Github.
  4. Submit a pull request back to the master repository; you may need to act on feedback before your request is merged.