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SciApps Basics and Logging In

SciApps leverages CyVerse Agave API and Data Store for efficient data transfer, analysis, and management across heterogeneous systems. A CyVerse account is required to access these systems.

Some things to remember about the platform

Sample datasets

  • Sample datasets are available under the ‘example’ tab. These datasets are prepared for the public workflows (CyVerse credentials required for browsing)
  • More sample datasets are available under the ‘shared’ tab (CyVerse credentials required). From there, sample datasets for most apps are available in the Data Store ‘/iplant/home/shared/iplantcollaborative/example_data/’

Logging into SciApps

  1. Access the SciApps website at

  2. Click on ‘Login’ (from the top navigation bar), you will be directed to the CyVerse Authentication Service page

  3. Enter your CyVerse username and CyVerse password, you will be redirected back to SciApps if successfully authenticated


    To log out of SciApps and CyVerse, you need to click on 'Logout' from the top navigation bar. Additionally, job histories in the right panel will be discarded after closing or refreshing the browser tab. To load them back to the History panel, click on 'Workflow', then 'My jobs'

Access SciApps Without Logging In

Without logging in, you cannot view data in CyVerse Data Store, submit analysis jobs, or save workflows. You can however preview applications and public workflows.

  1. Access the SciApps website at
  2. To preview the SciApps and their parameters, load any App by clicking on the App name in Apps panel (left panel)
  3. To preview public workflows, click "Workflow" on the menu at the top of the page. Select 'Public workflows' (workflow templates) to preview.

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