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# Verified User Information

To access the interactive apps in the Disocvery Environment, we ask users to provide sufficient information about themselves in their user profiles to ensure proper use of the platform.

We ask users to provide a valid email address from an organization, i.e., .org, an educational institution with the .edu ending, or a government .gov -- we will not grant access to commercial email addresses, e.g., etc.

We also ask that users provide their |ORCID| -- ORCID is the most widely adopted digital identifier for research in the world.


Prerequisite Preparation/Notes Link/Download
CyVerse account You will need a CyVerse account to complete this exercise Register
Discovery Environment access You will get access to Discovery Environment by default. Check the 'My Services' tab; if Discovery Environment is not listed, click the 'Available' tab, locate Discovery Environment and click the link to request access. CyVerse User Portal

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