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RStudio is a free, open source IDE (integrated development environment) for R. Its interface is organized so that the user can clearly view graphs, data table, R code and ouput at the same time. It also offers an Import-Wizard-like feature that allows users to import CSV, Excel, SAS (.sas7bdat), SPSS (.sav), and Stata (*.dta) files into R without having to write the code to do so.

1. Search for Rstudio App

First log-on CyVerse DE

Use the search bar to specify ‘Apps’ or search for 'rstudio'.


2. Launch analysis

Find the RStudio app you are interested in and click on the app. Change the analysis name and output folder or leave it to defaults.


Launch the Rstudio app by selecting an example folder or click on the details to quick launch example data. You can select different input files and/or folder.


You can use input files to import a script into the app.


Use quick launch to input example data... rstudio3-4


You will not see any files when selecting the folder if you selected input by folder. Rest assured that they will be there once the app begins to run.

Launch the analysis after you are finished selecting the input files (if any). rstudio3-5

3. Navigate to rstudio app url

After the analysis starts running, open your notifications and click on the 'Access your running Analysis here url'. Alternatively, select the app and click on the squarebox from your analysis window.


4. Launch Rstudio

After you start the VICE App, you will be taken to a loading screen.


5. Write/Run your code

In the Rstudio script section, you can write your code, generate plots, save plots etc.


As a first step, check that the files you wanted to import are in the app. Go to the bottom right of the app, and check under 'Files' for your files.


6. Complete and Save Outputs

Complete your analysis by clicking the Analysis window, then select the rstudio analysis. From More Actions tab, click 'Terminate'.



After you had done this, you can find the outputs that you generated (if any) using the same steps as before, but this time selecting 'Go To Output Folder'.


Currently, VICE can run for 48 hrs beyond which the apps will be terminated. So make sure you run your analysis before 48 hrs.

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