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CyVerse Frequently Asked Questions

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        FAQ Home <self>

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        :maxdepth: 2
        :caption: Services

        Account Portal <account-portal-faq.rst>
        Data <data-faq.rst>
        Analyses <analyses-faq.rst>
        Collaboration <collaboration-faq.rst>
        Training <training-faq.rst>
        Bring Your Own <bring-your-own-faq.rst>

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        :maxdepth: 3
        :caption: Platforms

        Discovery Environment <Discovery-environment-faq.rst>
        Data Store <data-store-faq.rst>
        Atmosphere <atmosphere-faq.rst>

Getting help using CyVerse

The CyVerse team is small, but dedicated to helping you get what you need done. There are a number of ways to get help using CyVerse:

Don't see your Question here?

Send us a note using in-app chat by clicking on |Intercom|. If you are familiar with GitHub, you can submit an issue, or send us a pull request. See Improving Existing Documentation in the CyVerse Learning Center.

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