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Power Users

Power users are researchers who are looking to do more with CyVerse's cyberinfrastructure by leveraging CyVerse's services for developing their own platforms, automation and scaling, deploying CyVerse's infrastructure for their home institution or country, and engaging in collaborative projects.

Letter of Support:

For letters of support and collaboration, email

CyVerse's APIs

There are several APIs to CyVerse's resources:

External Collaborative Partnerships

The External Collaborative Partnership program pairs members of our user community with expert staff to address the computational needs of a specific scientific project. To participate, please review the required criteria and then complete the ECP Request web form. CyVerse does not provide funding support for external projects.

Powered by CyVerse

Third-party projects can leverage our cyberinfrastructure to provide services to their users, including:

  • Authentication system: Use secure single sign-on between your application and all CyVerse services.
  • Data Store: Store, share and distribute large amounts of data.
  • High-performance framework: Execute analyses on High Performance Computing resources.

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