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Quick Start Guides

These include short guides through common tasks.

Quickstart Platform Notes
Create a CyVerse account User Portal Start here to create your own account
EZ installation of popular data science tools Atmosphere and Jetstream Install anaconda (Python 2 or 3, R, Jupyter notebooks), Rstudio, Singularity, or Docker easily on any Atmosphere or Jetstream cloud computer (instance).
Data Store CyVerse Data Store Access through Discovery Enviornment, Command Line, Cyberduck
Request a DOI Data Store, Discovery Environment Organize your dataset and request a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).
Create a Group Project Data Store, Discovery Environment Learn the basic steps for setting up a collaborative project using CyVerse.

Funding and Citations:

CyVerse is funded entirely by the National Science Foundation under Award Numbers DBI-0735191, DBI-1265383, and DBI-1743442.

Please cite CyVerse appropriately when you make use of our resources, CyVerse citation policy.

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