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You can use these workshop materials as modules to teach and run your own workshop using CyVerse.

CyVerse Workshops
Workshop Platform(s) Notes
Container Camp Discovery Environment, Atmosphere, Data Store Topics on container technology for reproducible science
Foundational Open Science Skills Discovery Environment, Atmosphere, Data Store Workshop to train early career scientists on using advanced cyberinfrastructure to advance their research
Tools and Services Workshop Discovery Environment, Atmosphere, Data Store This is a generic agenda and slides for a one-day CyVerse Workshop overviewing the major components of the science infrastructure.
Community Workshops Using CyVerse
Workshop Platform(s) Notes
AG2PI Workshop 2021 Foundations of Computation Discovery Environment, Data Store, RStudio, Jupyter Introductory workshop on using CyVerse for the AG2PI community
NEON AOP Workshop 2020 Discovery Environment, VICE, Data Store Collaboration between CyVerse and NEON to use remote sensing data in RStudio and Python
2018 NEON Data Institute Discovery Environment, Atmosphere Provision Atmosphere as a Data Science Workbench running Docker, Singularity, Project Jupyter, and RStudio-Server. The NEON Data Institute 2018 focus is on remote sensing and reproducible workflows in Python and R.
Condensed R: 240-minute tutorial Discovery Environment, VICE, Data Store A short introduction to using R and RStudio

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