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This is a procedural terrain generator for the Unity 3D game engine. It features a node generator construction system, biomes, material splatting, and a programmable generation pipeline API.


Key Features

  • A node/graph editor for easy-- programming-free generation.
  • Level of detail system that changes the resolution of generated heightmaps based on a Tile's distance from the camera.
  • A biome system that determines biomes through moisture, temperature, and height maps.
  • Node graphs that are stored in Unity asset files for sharing across different installations.
  • Fully customizeable generation pipeline API.
  • A material editor that stamps textures based on height and angle.
  • A procedural object placement system.
  • An event system that reports different stages of execution allowing for easy insertion of custom code.
  • A chunk-based infinite terrain system that caches previously visited chunks.
  • Compatibility with procedural material shaders (such as MegaSplat).
  • In-editor terrain previewing.
  • Multithreaded generation.


Terrain Configuration

Image of editor previewing image of resulting terrain
Image of node editor Image of node editor

Terrain & LOD Previews

Image of node editor Image of node editor

Heightmap Node Editor

Image of node editor

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