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Life has been keeping me quite busy these days and I have found myself with less and less free time to work on the Unity pack with each passing day. To solve that problem, I have opened a repo for anyone to contribute to.

Not all submitted textures will be merged. If I feel your textures do not fit with my current design aesthetic, I simply can't include them. The entire point of Unity is to maintain a unified look. Please do not feel discouraged if your textures aren't used; it doesn't mean they're bad, they just don't match my style.

For older, deprecated versions look in the branch section.



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Photoshop Template

I hope this may be of use to those of you interested in texturing for Unity; I've tried to include as many samples and details as possible to start you off in the right direction. You can download the PSD here.

Mods In Progress

The following chart displays current mod retexture progress.

Please avoid retexturing these as it will probably be a waste of your time.

Mod Name Status Artist
Tinkers' Construct Active CyanideX


Click the green Clone or download button on the top right and then click Download ZIP. Once you've finished downloading, un-zip the file to your .minecraft/resourcepacks folder.


If you have any questions, please message me on Twitter @theCyanideX. Thanks!