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Latest commit 30a8133 @jt1134 jt1134 remove fake sim card status for data usage stats
Change-Id: Iec8b4538fe0258890b05c96c8ed694d4d39bc6cb
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libaudio fascinatemtd: use default audio policy
overlay fascinatemtd: remove CellBroadcastReceiver, it's in common now
.gitignore cleanup: remove useless and duplicated code fascinatemtd: use common recovery.rc
cm.dependencies update for cm10 bootanimation initial changes for modular device tree
init.aries.rc remove fake sim card status for data usage stats
recovery_kernel use logical volumes for system and data, bring back datadata Cleanup
system.prop fix for user-debug build; remove unneeded stuff
vold.fstab initial changes for jellybean
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