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galaxysmtd: add HOME wake setting

Change-Id: Ifb174f27af71264c1c67451d60a81fa14106958a
latest commit e357294a38
Pawit Pornkitprasan pawitp authored
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bluetooth galaxysmtd: Turn off BLE, GATT, and SMP of Bluetooth stack
overlay galaxysmtd: add HOME wake setting
recovery Move common stuff to aries-common. Removed unused setup_fs.c Refactored into galaxysmtd Refactored into galaxysmtd galaxysmtd: add bluetooth configuration Refactored into galaxysmtd
aries-keypad.kl Refactored into galaxysmtd
asound.conf Refactored into galaxysmtd
board-info.txt Refactored into galaxysmtd
cm.dependencies galaxysmtd: add hardware/samsung dependency galaxysmtd: Fix
cypress-touchkey.kl Refactored into galaxysmtd galaxysmtd: Jellybean bring up galaxysmtd: Use .txt extraction method Move some stuff around
proprietary-files.txt galaxysmtd: update proprietary files (GPS)
qwerty.kl Refactored into galaxysmtd
s3c-keypad.kcm galaxysmtd: copy modem.bin in vendor
system.prop prebuild kernel and init changes for samsung ril blobs
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