Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300)
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Latest commit de175b3 Dec 23, 2016 @fourkbomb fourkbomb Revert "i9300: enable wideband audio hack"
* enforce some known-good basebands instead

This reverts commit 612e761.

Change-Id: Ic05359400b7d51a4cf4c3baf2030fb4cb21f8982
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audio i9300: audio: allow forcing wideband audio Dec 18, 2016
bluetooth bluetooth: Our kernel is missing CLOCK_BOOTTIME_ALARM (alarmtimer) Sep 25, 2016
configs i9300: GPS modifications for use of Groupers PIE blobs [1/2] Nov 24, 2015
include/telephony i9300: squash ril header updates Nov 20, 2016
keylayout i9300: Repurpose menu key as an app switcher key Aug 29, 2016
libsamsung_symbols i9300: squash RIL bringup Nov 24, 2015
libsensors i9300: libsensors: use CLOCK_BOOTTIME, not CLOCK_MONOTONIC Mar 12, 2016
overlay i9300: remove old lmk config Dec 15, 2016
power PegasusPowerHAL: don't try to boost when using a custom governor Dec 22, 2016
ril/telephony/java/com/android/internal/telephony SamsungExynos4RIL: Update for N Oct 27, 2016
rootdir i9300: move cbd to /system Dec 19, 2016
selinux i9300: allow audioserver to connect to rild Dec 19, 2016
shims i9300: move libsecril-shim to shims/ dir Oct 22, 2016 derb Jun 4, 2012 i9300: specify cache size and type Nov 20, 2016
cm.dependencies reorganize device tree, use smdk4412-common tree Nov 11, 2012 i9300: clean up makefile inheritance Sep 13, 2016 i9300: switch to generic extract-utils Dec 19, 2016 i9300: use sh to run gps_daemon and fix config location Dec 10, 2015 i9300: Remove enhanced NFC feature Nov 18, 2016
proprietary-files.txt i9300: switch to generic extract-utils Dec 19, 2016
system.prop Revert "i9300: enable wideband audio hack" Dec 23, 2016