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CyanogenMod device config
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BladeParts: add pt-PT translations

Change-Id: I3d2bee323cf0ae39aa6408cf1ff93a87c6b686fe
latest commit 5e5e820f9f
@joaoventura joaoventura authored TomGiordano committed
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BladeParts BladeParts: add pt-PT translations
firmware blade: update kernel
libaudio blade: correct audio routing strategy
libcamera blade: update libcamera
libcopybit blade: update kernel
libgralloc blade: fix gralloc compile error.
liblights blade: build lights lib from source
libril Initial commit.
libsensors blade: update kernel
overlay blade: build lights lib from source
prebuilt blade: update kernel
recovery blade: update kernel blade: build lights lib from source Initial commit. Initial commit.
AudioFilter.csv Add missing audio files.
AutoVolumeControl.txt Add missing audio files. blade: default persist.sys.use_16bpp_alpha to true Initial commit.
UsbController.cpp blade: update kernel Revert "blade: default persist.sys.use_16bpp_alpha to true"
dhcpcd.conf Initial commit.
egl.cfg Initial commit. blade: build lights lib from source
init.blade.rc blade: fix dhcpcd stop Initial commit.
kernel blade: update kernel
media_profiles.xml blade: update camera
qwerty.kl Change Volume keys from WAKE_DROPPED to WAKE to allow better of device
recovery.fstab Add sd-ext to recovery.fstab
recovery_kernel Blade: Update kernel offset to match latest bootloader/radio. Initial commit.
ueventd.blade.rc blade: update kernel blade: build lights lib from source Initial commit.
vold.fstab Initial commit.
wpa_supplicant.conf Changes to wpa_supplicant setup.
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