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# Time-stamp: <08/06/12 14:28:42 ptr>
# Copyright (c) 2004-2008
# Petr Ovtchenkov
# Licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0
SRCROOT := build
SUBDIRS := build/lib
include ${SRCROOT}/Makefiles/gmake/subdirs.mak
all install depend clean clobber distclean check::
+$(call doinsubdirs,${SUBDIRS})
distclean clean depend clobber::
+$(call doinsubdirs,build/test/unit)
release-shared install-release-shared:
+$(call doinsubdirs,${SUBDIRS})
${MAKE} -C build/lib install-headers
.PHONY: all install depend clean clobber distclean check release-shared install-release-shared
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