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The Android Open Source Project authored
1 -- new entries from wta
2 * clone doesn't work; cloned processes can hang
3 * partially done: finish up change_syscall using new setargs
4 * do setargs for non-ia64
5 * generate syscallent.h from the kernel sources (asm/unistd.h)
6 * update linux/sparc syscall entries; Linux messed things up by overriding
7 all kinds of SunOS entries
8 * synchronize linux/**/syscallent.h, number of arguments for a syscal isn't
9 consistent across different architectures
11 -- old entries from jrs
12 attempt reopen of /proc file if we get EAGAIN from any /proc ioctl
13 kill procs we error out of on svr4
14 enclose "total x dents" in a comment
15 declare gettimeofday and pread for solaris2
16 update automatic remaking of autoconf targets
17 I don't like run on last close, change it?
18 parse long options?
19 count signals too with -c
20 treat attach, detach messages like signals
21 add pread, pwrite to I/O dumping
22 add system assist for qualifiers on svr4
23 change printcall to getcaller and fix for linux and svr4
24 fix fork hang for svr4 without pollable procfs
25 print events on entry to and revents on exit from poll
26 monitor procfs open and release the other child if the process wants to own it
27 fix incorrect syscall number if exit without entry on svr4 without pr_syscall
28 fix clean targets so config.h and config.status can be removed
29 ignore faults which occur before exec
30 look for more ioctls on solaris, used in nslookup for example
31 consider adding backtrace support
32 consider adding general purpose interpreter
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