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2010-11-29: Version 2.5.9
Fixed crashes during GC caused by partially initialize heap
Fixed bug in process sample that caused memory leaks.
Improved performance on ARM by implementing missing stubs and
Improved heap profiler support.
Added separate seeding on Windows of the random number generator
used internally by the compiler (issue 936).
Exposed API for getting the name of the function used to construct
an object.
Fixed date parser to handle one and two digit millisecond
values (issue 944).
Fixed number parsing to disallow space between sign and
digits (issue 946).
2010-11-23: Version 2.5.8
Removed dependency on Gay's dtoa.
Improved heap profiler precision and speed.
Reduced overhead of callback invocations on ARM.
2010-11-18: Version 2.5.7
Fixed obscure evaluation order bug (issue 931).
Split the random number state between JavaScript and the private API.
Fixed performance bug causing GCs when generating stack traces on
code from very large scripts.
Fixed bug in parser that allowed (foo):42 as a labelled statement
(issue 918).
Provide more accurate results about used heap size via
Allow build-time customization of the max semispace size.
Made String.prototype.split honor limit when separator is empty
(issue 929).
Added missing failure check after expecting an identifier in
preparser (Chromium issue 62639).
2010-11-10: Version 2.5.6
Added support for VFP rounding modes to the ARM simulator.
Fixed multiplication overflow bug (issue 927).
Added a limit for the amount of executable memory (issue 925).
2010-11-08: Version 2.5.5
Added more aggressive GC of external objects in near out-of-memory
Fixed a bug that gave the incorrect result for String.split called
on the empty string (issue 924).
2010-11-03: Version 2.5.4
Improved V8 VFPv3 runtime detection to address issue 914.
2010-11-01: Version 2.5.3
Fixed a bug that prevents constants from overwriting function values
in object literals (issue 907).
Fixed a bug with reporting of impossible nested calls of DOM functions
2010-10-27: Version 2.5.2
Improved sampler resolution on Linux.
Allowed forcing the use of a simulator from the build script
independently of the host architecture.
Fixed FreeBSD port (Issue 912).
Made windows-tick-processor respect D8_PATH.
Implemented --noinline-new flag fully on IA32, X64 and ARM platforms.
2010-10-20: Version 2.5.1
Fixed bug causing spurious out of memory exceptions
Fixed compilation error on Solaris platform (issue 901).
Fixed error in strtod (string to floating point number conversion)
due to glibc's use of 80-bit floats in the FPU on 32-bit linux.
Adjusted randomized allocations of executable memory to have 64k
granularity (issue
Supported profiling using kernel perf_events on linux. Added ll_prof
script to tools and --ll-prof flag to V8.
2010-10-18: Version 2.5.0
Fixed bug in cache handling of lastIndex on global regexps
Added USE_SIMULATOR macro that explicitly indicates that we wish to use
the simulator as the execution engine (by Mark Lam <>
from Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP).
Fixed compilation error on ARM with gcc 4.4 (issue 894).
2010-10-13: Version 2.4.9
Fixed a bug in the handling of conditional expressions in test
contexts in compiler for top-level code.
Added "//@ sourceURL" information to the StackTrace API.
Exposed RegExp construction through the API.
2010-10-04: Version 2.4.8
Fixed a bug in ResumeProfilerEx causing it to not always write out the
whole snapshot (issue 868).
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-09-30: Version 2.4.7
Changed the command-line flag --max-new-space-size to be in kB and the
flag --max-old-space-size to be in MB (previously they were in bytes).
Added Debug::CancelDebugBreak to the debugger API.
Fixed a bug in getters for negative numeric property names
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-09-27: Version 2.4.6
Fixed assertion failure related to copy-on-write arrays (issue 876).
Fixed build failure of 64-bit V8 on Windows.
Fixed a bug in RegExp (issue
Improved the profiler's coverage to cover more functions (issue 858).
Fixed error in shift operators on 64-bit V8
2010-09-22: Version 2.4.5
Changed the RegExp benchmark to exercise the regexp engine on different
inputs by scrambling the input strings.
Fixed a bug in keyed loads on strings.
Fixed a bug with loading global function prototypes.
Fixed a bug with profiling RegExp calls (issue
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-09-15: Version 2.4.4
Fixed bug with hangs on very large sparse arrays.
Now tries harder to free up memory when running out of space.
Added heap snapshots to JSON format to API.
Recalibrated benchmarks.
2010-09-13: Version 2.4.3
Made Date.parse properly handle TZ offsets (issue 857).
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-09-08: Version 2.4.2
Fixed GC crash bug.
Fixed stack corruption bug.
Fixed compilation for newer C++ compilers that found Operand(0)
2010-09-06: Version 2.4.1
Added the ability for an embedding application to receive a callback
when V8 allocates (V8::AddMemoryAllocationCallback) or deallocates
(V8::RemoveMemoryAllocationCallback) from the OS.
Fixed several JSON bugs (including issue 855).
Fixed memory overrun crash bug triggered during V8's tick-based
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-09-01: Version 2.4.0
Fixed bug in Object.freeze and Object.seal when Array.prototype or
Object.prototype are changed (issue 842).
Updated Array.splice to follow Safari and Firefox when called
with zero arguments.
Fixed a missing live register when breaking at keyed loads on ARM.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-08-25: Version 2.3.11
Fixed bug in RegExp related to copy-on-write arrays.
Refactored tools/ script, including the introduction of
VARIANT_FLAGS that allows specification of sets of flags with which
all tests should be run.
Fixed a bug in the handling of debug breaks in CallIC.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-08-23: Version 2.3.10
Fixed bug in bitops on ARM.
Build fixes for unusual compilers.
Track high water mark for RWX memory.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-08-18: Version 2.3.9
Fixed compilation for ARMv4 on OpenBSD/FreeBSD.
Removed specialized handling of GCC 4.4 (issue 830).
Fixed DST cache to take into account the suspension of DST in
Egypt during the 2010 Ramadan (issue
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-08-16: Version 2.3.8
Fixed build with strict aliasing on GCC 4.4 (issue 463).
Fixed issue with incorrect handling of custom valueOf methods on
string wrappers (issue 760).
Fixed compilation for ARMv4 (issue 590).
Improved performance.
2010-08-11: Version 2.3.7
Reduced size of heap snapshots produced by heap profiler (issue 783).
Introduced v8::Value::IsRegExp method.
Fixed CPU profiler crash in start / stop sequence when non-existent
name is passed (issue
Introduced new indexed property query callbacks API (issue 816). This
API is guarded by USE_NEW_QUERY_CALLBACK define and is disabled
by default.
Removed support for object literal get/set with number/string
property name.
Fixed handling of JSObject::elements in CalculateNetworkSize
(issue 822).
Allowed compiling with strict aliasing enabled on GCC 4.4 (issue 463).
2010-08-09: Version 2.3.6
RegExp literals create a new object every time they are evaluated
(issue 704).
Object.seal and Object.freeze return the modified object (issue 809).
Fixed building using GCC 4.4.4.
2010-08-04: Version 2.3.5
Added support for ES5 property names. Object initialisers and
dot-notation property access now allows keywords. Also allowed
non-identifiers after "get" or "set" in an object initialiser.
Randomized the addresses of allocated executable memory on Windows.
2010-08-02: Version 2.3.4
Fixed problems in implementation of ES5 function.prototype.bind.
Fixed error when using apply with arguments object on ARM (issue 784).
Added setting of global flags to debugger protocol.
Fixed an error affecting cached results of sin and cos (issue 792).
Removed memory leak from a boundary case where V8 is not initialized.
Fixed issue where debugger could set breakpoints outside the body
of a function.
Fixed issue in debugger when using both live edit and step in features.
Added Number-letter (Nl) category to Unicode tables. These characters
can now be used in identifiers.
Fixed an assert failure on X64 (issue 806).
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-07-26: Version 2.3.3
Fixed error when building the d8 shell in a fresh checkout.
Implemented Function.prototype.bind (ES5
Fixed an error in inlined stores on ia32.
Fixed an error when setting a breakpoint at the end of a function
that does not end with a newline character.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-07-21: Version 2.3.2
Fixed compiler warnings when building with LLVM.
Fixed a bug with for-in applied to strings (issue 785).
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-07-19: Version 2.3.1
Fixed compilation and linking with V8_INTERPRETED_REGEXP flag.
Fixed bug related to code flushing while compiling a lazy
compilable function (issue
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-07-15: Version 2.3.0
Added ES5 Object.seal and Object.isSealed.
Added debugger API for scheduling debugger commands from a
separate thread.
2010-07-14: Version 2.2.24
Added API for capturing stack traces for uncaught exceptions.
Fixed crash bug when preparsing from a non-external V8 string
(issue 775).
Fixed JSON.parse bug causing input not to be converted to string
(issue 764).
Added ES5 Object.freeze and Object.isFrozen.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-07-07: Version 2.2.23
API change: Convert Unicode code points outside the basic multilingual
plane to the replacement character. Previous behavior was to silently
truncate the value to 16 bits.
Fixed crash: handle all flat string types in regexp replace.
Prevent invalid pre-parsing data passed in through the API from
crashing V8.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-07-05: Version 2.2.22
Added ES5 Object.isExtensible and Object.preventExtensions.
Enabled building V8 as a DLL.
Fixed a bug in date code where -0 was not interpreted as 0
(issue 736).
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-06-30: Version 2.2.21
Fixed bug in externalizing some ASCII strings (Chromium issue 47824).
Updated JSON.stringify to floor the space parameter (issue 753).
Updated the Mozilla test expectations to the newest version.
Updated the ES5 Conformance Test expectations to the latest version.
Updated the V8 benchmark suite.
Provide actual breakpoints locations in response to setBreakpoint
and listBreakpoints requests.
2010-06-28: Version 2.2.20
Fixed bug with for-in on x64 platform (issue 748).
Fixed crash bug on x64 platform (issue 756).
Fixed bug in Object.getOwnPropertyNames. (chromium issue 41243).
Fixed a bug on ARM that caused the result of 1 << x to be
miscalculated for some inputs.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-06-23: Version 2.2.19
Fixed bug that causes the build to break when profillingsupport=off
(issue 738).
Added expose-externalize-string flag for testing extensions.
Resolve linker issues with using V8 as a DLL causing a number of
problems with unresolved symbols.
Fixed build failure for cctests when ENABLE_DEBUGGER_SUPPORT is not
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-06-16: Version 2.2.18
Added API functions to retrieve information on indexed properties
managed by the embedding layer. Fixes bug 737.
Made ES5 Object.defineProperty support array elements. Fixes bug 619.
Added heap profiling to the API.
Removed old named property query from the API.
Incremental performance improvements.
2010-06-14: Version 2.2.17
Improved debugger support for stepping out of functions.
Incremental performance improvements.
2010-06-09: Version 2.2.16
Removed the SetExternalStringDiposeCallback API. Changed the
disposal of external string resources to call a virtual Dispose
method on the resource.
Added support for more precise break points when debugging and
Memory usage improvements on all platforms.
2010-06-07: Version 2.2.15
Added an API to control the disposal of external string resources.
Added missing initialization of a couple of variables which makes
some compilers complaint when compiling with -Werror.
Improved performance on all platforms.
2010-06-02: Version 2.2.14
Fixed a crash in code generated for String.charCodeAt.
Fixed a compilation issue with some GCC versions (issue 727).
Performance optimizations on x64 and ARM platforms.
2010-05-31: Version 2.2.13
Implemented Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor for element indices and
strings (issue 599).
Fixed bug for windows 64 bit C calls from generated code.
Added new scons flag unalignedaccesses for arm builds.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-05-26: Version 2.2.12
Allowed accessors to be defined on objects rather than just object
Changed the ScriptData API.
2010-05-21: Version 2.2.11
Fixed crash bug in liveedit on 64 bit.
Use 'full compiler' when debugging is active. This should increase
the density of possible break points, making single step more fine
grained. This will only take effect for functions compiled after
debugging has been started, so recompilation of all functions is
required to get the full effect. IA32 and x64 only for now.
Misc. fixes to the Solaris build.
Added new flags --print-cumulative-gc-stat and --trace-gc-nvp.
Added filtering of CPU profiles by security context.
Fixed crash bug on ARM when running without VFP2 or VFP3.
Incremental performance improvements in all backends.
2010-05-17: Version 2.2.10
Performance improvements in the x64 and ARM backends.
2010-05-10: Version 2.2.9
Allowed Object.create to be called with a function (issue 697).
Fixed bug with Date.parse returning a non-NaN value when called on a
non date string (issue 696).
Allowed unaligned memory accesses on ARM targets that support it (by
Subrato K De of CodeAurora <>).
C++ API for retrieving JavaScript stack trace information.
2010-05-05: Version 2.2.8
Performance improvements in the x64 and ARM backends.
2010-05-03: Version 2.2.7
Added support for ES5 date time string format to Date.parse.
Performance improvements in the x64 backend.
2010-04-28: Version 2.2.6
Added "amd64" as recognized architecture in scons build script
(by Ryan Dahl <>).
Fixed bug in String search and replace with very simple RegExps.
Fixed bug in RegExp containing "\b^".
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-04-26: Version 2.2.5
Various performance improvements (especially for ARM and x64)
Fixed bug in CPU profiling (
Fixed a bug with the natives cache.
Fixed two bugs in the ARM code generator that can cause
wrong calculations.
Fixed a bug that may cause a wrong result for shift operations.
2010-04-21: Version 2.2.4
Fixed warnings on arm on newer GCC versions.
Fixed a number of minor bugs.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-04-14: Version 2.2.3
Added stack command and mem command to ARM simulator debugger.
Fixed scons snapshot and ARM build, and Windows X64 build issues.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-04-12: Version 2.2.2
Introduced new profiler API.
Fixed random number generator to produce full 32 random bits.
2010-04-06: Version 2.2.1
Debugger improvements.
Fixed minor bugs.
2010-03-29: Version 2.2.0
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Performance improvements for string operations.
2010-03-26: Version 2.1.10
Fixed scons build issues.
Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
2010-03-25: Version 2.1.9
Added API support for reattaching a global object to a context.
Extended debugger API with access to the internal debugger context.
Fixed Chromium crashes (issues and
2010-03-24: Version 2.1.8
Added fine-grained garbage collection callbacks to the API.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-03-22: Version 2.1.7
Fixed issue 650.
Fixed a bug where __proto__ was sometimes enumerated (issue 646).
Performance improvements for arithmetic operations.
Performance improvements for string operations.
Print script name and line number information in stack trace.
2010-03-17: Version 2.1.6
Performance improvements for arithmetic operations.
Performance improvements for string operations.
2010-03-10: Version 2.1.4
Fixed code cache lookup for keyed IC's (issue
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-03-10: Version 2.1.3
Added API method for context-disposal notifications.
Added API method for accessing elements by integer index.
Added missing implementation of Uint32::Value and Value::IsUint32
API methods.
Added IsExecutionTerminating API method.
Disabled strict aliasing for GCC 4.4.
Fixed string-concatenation bug (issue 636).
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-02-23: Version 2.1.2
Fixed a crash bug caused by wrong assert.
Fixed a bug with register names on 64-bit V8 (issue 615).
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-02-19: Version 2.1.1
[ES5] Implemented Object.defineProperty.
Improved profiler support.
Added SetPrototype method in the public V8 API.
Added GetScriptOrigin and GetScriptLineNumber methods to Function
objects in the API.
Performance improvements on all platforms.
2010-02-03: Version 2.1.0
Values are now always wrapped in objects when used as a receiver.
(issue 223).
[ES5] Implemented Object.getOwnPropertyNames.
[ES5] Restrict JSON.parse to only accept strings that conforms to the
JSON grammar.
Improvement of debugger agent (issue 549 and 554).
Fixed problem with skipped stack frame in profiles (issue 553).
Solaris support by Erich Ocean <> and Ryan Dahl
Fixed a bug that Math.round() returns incorrect results for huge
Fixed enumeration order for objects created from some constructor
functions (isue
Fixed arithmetic on some integer constants (issue 580).
Numerous performance improvements including porting of previous IA-32
optimizations to x64 and ARM architectures.
2010-01-14: Version 2.0.6
Added ES5 Object.getPrototypeOf, GetOwnPropertyDescriptor,
GetOwnProperty, FromPropertyDescriptor.
Fixed Mac x64 build errors.
Improved performance of some math and string operations.
Improved performance of some regexp operations.
Improved performance of context creation.
Improved performance of hash tables.
2009-12-18: Version 2.0.5
Extended to upper limit of map space to allow for 7 times as many map
to be allocated (issue 524).
Improved performance of code using closures.
Improved performance of some binary operations involving doubles.
2009-12-16: Version 2.0.4
Added ECMAScript 5 Object.create.
Improved performance of Math.max and Math.min.
Optimized adding of strings on 64-bit platforms.
Improved handling of external strings by using a separate table
instead of weak handles. This improves garbage collection
performance and uses less memory.
Changed code generation for object and array literals in toplevel
code to be more compact by doing more work in the runtime.
Fixed a crash bug triggered when garbage collection happened during
generation of a callback load inline cache stub.
Fixed crash bug sometimes triggered when local variables shadowed
parameters in functions that used the arguments object.
2009-12-03: Version 2.0.3
Optimized handling and adding of strings, for-in and Array.join.
Heap serialization is now non-destructive.
Improved profiler support with information on time spend in C++
callbacks registered through the API.
Added commands to the debugger protocol for starting/stopping
Enabled the non-optimizing compiler for top-level code.
Changed the API to only allow strings to be set as data objects on
Contexts and scripts to avoid potentially keeping global objects
around for too long (issue 528).
OpenBSD support patch by Peter Valchev <>.
Fixed bugs.
2009-11-24: Version 2.0.2
Improved profiler support.
Fixed bug that broke compilation of d8 with readline support.
2009-11-20: Version 2.0.1
Fixed crash bug in String.prototype.replace.
Reverted a change which caused Chromium interactive ui test
2009-11-18: Version 2.0.0
Added support for VFP on ARM.
Added TryCatch::ReThrow method to the API.
Reduced the size of snapshots and improved the snapshot load time.
Improved heap profiler support.
64-bit version now supported on Windows.
Fixed a number of debugger issues.
Fixed bugs.
2009-10-29: Version 1.3.18
Reverted a change which caused crashes in RegExp replace.
Reverted a change which caused Chromium ui_tests failure.
2009-10-28: Version 1.3.17
Added API method to get simple heap statistics.
Improved heap profiler support.
Fixed the implementation of the resource constraint API so it
works when using snapshots.
Fixed a number of issues in the Windows 64-bit version.
Optimized calls to API getters.
Added valgrind notification on code modification to the 64-bit version.
Fixed issue where we logged shared library addresses on Windows at
startup and never used them.
2009-10-16: Version 1.3.16
X64: Convert smis to holding 32 bits of payload.
Introduced v8::Integer::NewFromUnsigned method.
Added missing null check in Context::GetCurrent.
Added trim, trimLeft and trimRight methods to String
Patch by Jan de Mooij <>
Implement ES5 Array.isArray
Patch by Jan de Mooij <>
Skip access checks for hidden properties.
Added String::Concat(Handle<String> left, Handle<String> right) to the
Fixed GYP-based builds of V8.
2009-10-07: Version 1.3.15
Expanded the maximum size of the code space to 512MB for 64-bit mode.
Fixed a crash bug happening when starting profiling (issue
2009-10-07: Version 1.3.14
Added GetRealNamedProperty to the API to lookup real properties
located on the object or in the prototype chain skipping any
Fixed the stack limits setting API to work correctly with threads. The
stack limit now needs to be set to each thread thich is used with V8.
Removed the high-priority flag from IdleNotification()
Ensure V8 is initialized before locking and unlocking threads.
Implemented a new JavaScript minifier for compressing the source of
the built-in JavaScript. This removes non-Open Source code from Douglas
Crockford from the project.
Added a missing optimization in StringCharAt.
Fixed some flaky socket tests.
Change by Alexander Botero-Lowry to fix profiler sampling on FreeBSD
in 64-bit mode.
Fixed memory leaks in the thread management code.
Fixed the result of assignment to a pixel array. The assigned value
is now the result.
Error reporting for invalid left-hand sides in for-in statements, pre-
and postfix count expressions, and assignments now matches the JSC
behavior in Safari 4.
Follow the spec in disallowing function declarations without a name.
Always allocate code objects within a 2 GB range. On x64 architecture
this is used to use near calls (32-bit displacement) in Code objects.
Optimized array construction ported to x64 and ARM architectures.
[ES5] Changed Object.keys to return strings for element indices.
2009-09-23: Version 1.3.13
Fixed uninitialized memory problem.
Improved heap profiler support.
2009-09-22: Version 1.3.12
Changed behavior of |function|.toString() on built-in functions to
be compatible with other implementations. Patch by Jan de Mooij.
Added Object::IsDirty in the API.
Optimized array construction; it is now handled purely in native
[ES5] Made properties of the arguments array enumerable.
[ES5] Added test suite adapter for the es5conform test suite.
[ES5] Added Object.keys function.
2009-09-15: Version 1.3.11
Fixed crash in error reporting during bootstrapping.
Optimized generated IA32 math code by using SSE2 instructions when
Implemented missing pieces of debugger infrastructure on ARM. The
debugger is now fully functional on ARM.
Made 'hidden' the default visibility for gcc.
2009-09-09: Version 1.3.10
Fixed profiler on Mac in 64-bit mode.
Optimized creation of objects from simple constructor functions on
Fixed a number of debugger issues.
Reduced the amount of memory consumed by V8.
2009-09-02: Version 1.3.9
Optimized stack guard checks on ARM.
Optimized API operations by inlining more in the API.
Optimized creation of objects from simple constructor functions.
Enabled a number of missing optimizations in the 64-bit port.
Implemented native-code support for regular expressions on ARM.
Stopped using the 'sahf' instruction on 64-bit machines that do
not support it.
Fixed a bug in the support for forceful termination of JavaScript
2009-08-26: Version 1.3.8
Changed the handling of idle notifications to allow idle
notifications when V8 has not yet been initialized.
Fixed ARM simulator compilation problem on Windows.
2009-08-25: Version 1.3.7
Reduced the size of generated code on ARM platforms by reducing
the size of constant pools.
Changed build files to not include the 'ENV' user environment
variable in the build environment.
Changed the handling of idle notifications.
2009-08-21: Version 1.3.6
Added support for forceful termination of JavaScript execution.
Added low memory notification to the API. The embedding host can signal
a low memory situation to V8.
Changed the handling of global handles (persistent handles in the API
sense) to avoid issues regarding allocation of new global handles
during weak handle callbacks.
Changed the growth policy of the young space.
Fixed a GC issue introduced in version 1.3.5.
2009-08-19: Version 1.3.5
Optimized initialization of some arrays in the builtins.
Fixed mac-nm script to support filenames with spaces.
Support for using the V8 profiler when V8 is embedded in a Windows DLL.
Changed typeof RegExp from 'object' to 'function' for compatibility.
Fixed bug where regexps were not callable across contexts.
Added context independent script compilation to the API.
Added API call to get the stack trace for an exception.
Added API for getting object mirrors.
Made sure that SSE3 instructions are used whenever possible even when
running off a snapshot generated without using SSE3 instructions.
Tweaked the handling of the initial size and growth policy of the heap.
Added native code generation for RegExp to 64-bit version.
Added JavaScript debugger support to 64-bit version.
2009-08-13: Version 1.3.4
Added a readline() command to the d8 shell.
Fixed bug in json parsing.
Added idle notification to the API and reduced memory on idle
2009-08-12: Version 1.3.3
Fixed issue 417: incorrect %t placeholder expansion.
Added .gitignore file similar to Chromium's one.
Fixed SConstruct file to build with new logging code for Android.
API: added function to find instance of template in prototype
chain. Inlined Object::IsInstanceOf.
Land change to notify valgrind when we modify code on x86.
Added api call to determine whether a string can be externalized.
Added a write() command to d8.
2009-08-05: Version 1.3.2
Started new compiler infrastructure for two-pass compilation using a
control flow graph constructed from the AST.
Profiler stack sampling for X64.
Safe handling of NaN to Posix platform-dependent time functions.
Added a new profiler control API to unify controlling various aspects
of profiling.
Fixed issue 392.
2009-07-30: Version 1.3.1
Speed improvements to accessors and interceptors.
Added support for capturing stack information on custom errors.
Added support for morphing an object into a pixel array where its
indexed properties are stored in an external byte array. Values written
are always clamped to the 0..255 interval.
Profiler on x64 now handles C/C++ functions from shared libraries.
Changed the debugger to avoid stepping into if the
function is a built-in.
Initial implementation of constructor heap profile for JS objects.
More fine grained control of profiling aspects through the API.
Optimized the called as constructor check for API calls.
2009-07-27: Version 1.3.0
Allowed RegExp objects to be called as functions (issue 132).
Fixed issue where global property cells would escape after
detaching the global object; see
Added support for stepping into setters and getters in the
Changed the debugger to avoid stopping in its own JavaScript code
and in the code of built-in functions.
Fixed issue 345 by avoiding duplicate escaping labels.
Fixed ARM code generator crash in short-circuited boolean
expressions and added regression tests.
Added an external allocation limit to avoid issues where small V8
objects would hold on to large amounts of external memory without
causing garbage collections.
Finished more of the inline caching stubs for x64 targets.
2009-07-13: Version 1.2.14
Added separate paged heap space for global property cells and
avoid updating the write barrier when storing into them.
Improved peep-hole optimization on ARM platforms by not emitting
unnecessary debug information.
Re-enabled ICs for loads and calls that skip a global object
during lookup through the prototype chain.
Allowed access through global proxies to use ICs.
Fixed issue 401.
2009-07-09: Version 1.2.13
Fixed issue 397, issue 398, and issue 399.
Added support for breakpoint groups.
Fixed bugs introduced with the new global object representation.
Fixed a few bugs in the ARM code generator.
2009-07-06: Version 1.2.12
Added stack traces collection to Error objects accessible through
the e.stack property.
Changed RegExp parser to use a recursive data structure instead of
stack-based recursion.
Optimized Date object construction and string concatenation.
Improved performance of div, mod, and mul on ARM platforms.
2009-07-02: Version 1.2.11
Improved performance on IA-32 and ARM.
Fixed profiler sampler implementation on Mac OS X.
Changed the representation of global objects to improve
performance of adding a lot of new properties.
2009-06-29: Version 1.2.10
Improved debugger support.
Fixed bug in exception message reporting (issue 390).
Improved overall performance.
2009-06-23: Version 1.2.9
Improved math performance on ARM.
Fixed profiler name-inference bug.
Fixed handling of shared libraries in the profiler tick processor
Fixed handling of tests that time out in the test scripts.
Fixed compilation on MacOS X version 10.4.
Fixed two bugs in the regular expression engine.
Fixed a bug in the string type inference.
Fixed a bug in the handling of 'constant function' properties.
Improved overall performance.
2009-06-16: Version 1.2.8
Optimized math on ARM platforms.
Fixed two crash bugs in the handling of getters and setters.
Improved the debugger support by adding scope chain information.
Improved the profiler support by compressing log data transmitted
to clients.
Improved overall performance.
2009-06-08: Version 1.2.7
Improved debugger and profiler support.
Reduced compilation time by improving the handling of deferred
Optimized interceptor accesses where the property is on the object
on which the interceptors is attached.
Fixed compilation problem on GCC 4.4 by changing the stack
alignment to 16 bytes.
Fixed handle creation to follow stric aliasing rules.
Fixed compilation on FreeBSD.
Introduced API for forcing the deletion of a property ignoring
interceptors and attributes.
2009-05-29: Version 1.2.6
Added a histogram recording hit rates at different levels of the
compilation cache.
Added stack overflow check for the RegExp analysis phase. Previously a
very long regexp graph could overflow the stack with recursive calls.
Use a dynamic buffer when collecting log events in memory.
Added start/stop events to the profiler log.
Fixed infinite loop which could happen when setting a debug break while
executing a RegExp compiled to native code.
Fixed handling of lastIndexOf called with negative index (issue 351).
Fixed irregular crash in profiler test (issue 358).
Fixed compilation issues with some versions of gcc.
2009-05-26: Version 1.2.5
Fixed bug in initial boundary check for Boyer-Moore text
search (issue 349).
Fixed compilation issues with MinGW and gcc 4.3+ and added support
for armv7 and cortex-a8 architectures. Patches by Lei Zhang and
Craig Schlenter.
Added a script cache to the debugger.
Optimized compilation performance by improving internal data
structures and avoiding expensive property load optimizations for
code that's infrequently executed.
Exposed the calling JavaScript context through the static API
function Context::GetCalling().
2009-05-18: Version 1.2.4
Improved performance of floating point number allocation for ARM
Fixed crash when using the instanceof operator on functions with
number values in their prototype chain (issue 341).
Optimized virtual frame operations in the code generator to speed
up compilation time and allocated the frames in the zone.
Made the representation of virtual frames and jump targets in the
code generator much more compact.
Avoided linear search for non-locals in scope code when resolving
variables inside with and eval scopes.
Optimized lexical scanner by dealing with whitespace as part of
the token scanning instead of as a separate step before it.
Changed the scavenging collector so that promoted objects do not
reside in the old generation while their remembered set is being
swept for pointers into the young generation.
Fixed numeric overflow handling when compiling count operations.
2009-05-11: Version 1.2.3
Fixed bug in reporting of out-of-memory situations.
Introduced hidden prototypes on certain builtin prototype objects
such as String.prototype to emulate JSC's behavior of restoring
the original function when deleting functions from those prototype
Fixed crash bug in the register allocator.
2009-05-04: Version 1.2.2
Fixed bug in array sorting for sparse arrays (issue 326).
Added support for adding a soname when building a shared library
on Linux (issue 151).
Fixed bug caused by morphing internal ASCII strings to external
two-byte strings. Slices over ASCII strings have to forward ASCII
checks to the underlying buffer string.
Allowed API call-as-function handlers to be called as
Fixed a crash bug where an external string was disposed but a
slice of the external string survived as a symbol.
2009-04-27: Version 1.2.1
Added EcmaScript 5 JSON object.
Fixed bug in preemption support on ARM.
2009-04-23: Version 1.2.0
Optimized floating-point operations on ARM.
Added a number of extensions to the debugger API.
Changed the enumeration order for unsigned integer keys to always
be numerical order.
Added a "read" extension to the shell sample.
Added support for Array.prototype.reduce and
Added an option to the SCons build to control Microsoft Visual C++
link-time code generation.
Fixed a number of bugs (in particular issue 315, issue 316,
issue 317 and issue 318).
2009-04-15: Version 1.1.10
Fixed crash bug that occurred when loading a const variable in the
presence of eval.
Allowed using with and eval in registered extensions in debug mode
by fixing bogus assert.
Fixed the source position for function returns to enable the
debugger to break there.
2009-04-14: Version 1.1.9
Made the stack traversal code in the profiler robust by avoiding
to look into the heap.
Added name inferencing for anonymous functions to facilitate
debugging and profiling.
Re-enabled stats timers in the developer shell (d8).
Fixed issue 303 by avoiding to shortcut cons-symbols.
2009-04-11: Version 1.1.8
Changed test-debug/ThreadedDebugging to be non-flaky (issue 96).
Fixed step-in handling for Function.prototype.apply and call in
the debugger (issue 269).
Fixed v8::Object::DeleteHiddenValue to not bail out when there
are no hidden properties.
Added workaround for crash bug, where external symbol table
entries with deleted resources would lead to NPEs when looking
up in the symbol table.
2009-04-07: Version 1.1.7
Added support for easily importing additional environment
variables into the SCons build.
Optimized strict equality checks.
Fixed crash in indexed setters on objects without a corresponding
getter (issue 298).
Re-enabled script compilation cache.
2009-04-01: Version 1.1.6
Reverted an unsafe code generator change.
2009-04-01: Version 1.1.5
Fixed bug that caused function literals to not be optimized as
much as other functions.
Improved profiler support.
Fixed a crash bug in connection with debugger unloading.
Fixed a crash bug in the code generator caused by losing the
information that a frame element was copied.
Fixed an exception propagation bug that could cause non-null
return values when exceptions were thrown.
2009-03-30: Version 1.1.4
Optimized String.prototype.match.
Improved the stack information in profiles.
Fixed bug in ARM port making it possible to compile the runtime
system for thumb mode again.
Implemented a number of optimizations in the code generator.
Fixed a number of memory leaks in tests.
Fixed crash bug in connection with script source code and external
2009-03-24: Version 1.1.3
Fixed assertion failures in compilation of loop conditions.
Removed STL dependency from developer shell (d8).
Added infrastructure for protecting the V8 heap from corruption
caused by memory modifications from the outside.
2009-03-24: Version 1.1.2
Improved frame merge code generated by the code generator.
Optimized String.prototype.replace.
Implemented __defineGetter__ and __defineSetter__ for properties
with integer keys on non-array objects.
Improved debugger and profiler support.
Fixed a number of portability issues to allow compilation for
smaller ARM devices.
Exposed object cloning through the API.
Implemented hidden properties. This is used to expose an identity
hash for objects through the API.
Implemented restarting of regular expressions if their input
string changes representation during preemption.
Fixed a code generator bug that could cause assignments in loops
to be ignored if using continue to break out of the loop (issue
2009-03-12: Version 1.1.1
Fixed an assertion in the new compiler to take stack overflow
exceptions into account.
Removed exception propagation code that could cause crashes.
Fixed minor bug in debugger line number computations.
8-byte align the C stack on Linux and Windows to speed up floating
point computations.
2009-03-12: Version 1.1.0
Improved code generation infrastructure by doing simple register
allocation and constant folding and propagation.
Optimized regular expression matching by avoiding to create
intermediate string arrays and by flattening nested array
representations of RegExp data.
Traverse a few stack frames when recording profiler samples to
include partial call graphs in the profiling output.
Added support for using OProfile to profile generated code.
Added remote debugging support to the D8 developer shell.
Optimized creation of nested literals like JSON objects.
Fixed a bug in garbage collecting unused maps and turned it on by
default (--collect-maps).
Added support for running tests under Valgrind.
2009-02-27: Version 1.0.3
Optimized double-to-integer conversions in bit operations by using
SSE3 instructions if available.
Optimized initialization sequences that store to multiple
properties of the same object.
Changed the D8 debugger frontend to use JSON messages.
Force garbage collections when disposing contexts.
Align code objects at 32-byte boundaries.
2009-02-25: Version 1.0.2
Improved profiling support by performing simple call stack
sampling for ticks and by fixing a bug in the logging of code
Fixed a number of debugger issues.
Optimized code that uses eval.
Fixed a couple of bugs in the regular expression engine.
Reduced the size of generated code for certain regular expressions.
Removed JSCRE completely.
Fixed issue where test could not be run if there was a dot in the
checkout path.
2009-02-13: Version 1.0.1
Fixed two crash-bugs in irregexp (issue 231 and 233).
Fixed a number of minor bugs (issue 87, 227 and 228).
Added support for morphing strings to external strings on demand
to avoid having to create copies in the embedding code.
Removed experimental support for external symbol callbacks.
2009-02-09: Version 1.0.0
Fixed crash-bug in the code generation for case independent 16 bit
Made shells more robust in the presence of string conversion
failures (issue 224).
Fixed a potential infinite loop when attempting to resolve
eval (issue 221).
Miscellaneous fixes to the new regular expression engine.
Reduced binary by stripping unneeded text from JavaScript library and
minifying some JavaScript files.
2009-01-27: Version 0.4.9
Enabled new regular expression engine.
Made a number of changes to the debugger protocol.
Fixed a number of bugs in the preemption support.
Added -p option to the developer shell to run files in parallel
using preemption.
Fixed a number of minor bugs (including issues 176, 187, 189, 192,
193, 198 and 201).
Fixed a number of bugs in the serialization/deserialization
support for the ARM platform.
2009-01-19: Version
Minor patch to debugger support.
2009-01-16: Version 0.4.8
Fixed string length bug on ARM (issue 171).
Made most methods in the API const.
Optimized object literals by improving data locality.
Fixed bug that caused incomplete functions to be cached in case of
stack overflow exceptions.
Fixed bugs that caused catch variables and variables introduced by
eval to behave incorrectly when using accessors (issues 186, 190
and 191).
2009-01-06: Version 0.4.7
Minor bugfixes and optimizations.
Added command line debugger to D8 shell.
Fixed subtle bug that caused the wrong 'this' to be used when
calling a caught function in a catch clause.
Inline array loads within loops directly in the code instead of
always calling a stub.
2008-12-11: Version 0.4.6
Fixed exception reporting bug where certain exceptions were
incorrectly reported as uncaught.
Improved the memory allocation strategy used during compilation to
make running out of memory when compiling huge scripts less
Optimized String.replace by avoiding the construction of certain
sub strings.
Fixed bug in code generation for large switch statements on ARM.
Fixed bug that caused V8 to change the global object template
passed in by the user.
Changed the API for creating object groups used during garbage
collection. Entire object groups are now passed to V8 instead of
individual members of the groups.
2008-12-03: Version 0.4.5
Added experimental API support for allocating V8 symbols as
external strings.
Fixed bugs in debugging support on ARM.
Changed eval implementation to correctly detect whether or not a
call to eval is aliased.
Fixed bug caused by a combination of the compilation cache and
dictionary probing in native code. The bug caused us to sometimes
call functions that had not yet been compiled.
Added platform support for FreeBSD.
Added support for building V8 on Windows with either the shared or
static version of MSVCRT
Added the v8::jscre namespace around the jscre functions to avoid
link errors (duplicate symbols) when building Google Chrome.
Added support for calling a JavaScript function with the current
debugger execution context as its argument to the debugger
Changed the type of names of counters from wchar_t to char.
Changed the Windows system call used to compute daylight savings
time. The system call that we used to use became four times
slower on WinXP SP3.
Added support in the d8 developer shell for memory-mapped counters
and added a stats-viewer tool.
Fixed bug in upper/lower case mappings (issue 149).
2008-11-17: Version 0.4.4
Reduced code size by using shorter instruction encoding when
Added a --help option to the shell sample and to the d8 shell.
Added visual studio project files for building the ARM simulator.
Fixed a number of ARM simulator issues.
Fixed bug in out-of-memory handling on ARM.
Implemented shell support for passing arguments to a script from
the command line.
Fixed bug in date code that made certain date functions return -0
instead of 0 for dates before the epoch.
Restricted applications of eval so it can only be used in the
context of the associated global object.
Treat byte-order marks as whitespace characters.
2008-11-04: Version 0.4.3
Added support for API accessors that prohibit overwriting by
accessors defined in JavaScript code by using __defineGetter__ and
Improved handling of conditionals in test status files.
Introduced access control in propertyIsEnumerable.
Improved performance of some string operations by caching
information about the type of the string between operations.
Fixed bug in fast-case code for switch statements that only have
integer labels.
2008-10-30: Version 0.4.2
Improved performance of Array.prototype.concat by moving the
implementation to C++ (issue 123).
Fixed heap growth policy to avoid growing old space to its maximum
capacity before doing a garbage collection and fixed issue that
would lead to artificial out of memory situations (issue 129).
Fixed Date.prototype.toLocaleDateString to return the date in the
same format as WebKit.
Added missing initialization checks to debugger API.
Added removing of unused maps during GC.
2008-10-28: Version 0.4.1
Added caching of RegExp data in compilation cache.
Added Visual Studio project file for d8 shell.
Fixed function call performance regression introduced in version
0.4.0 when splitting the global object in two parts (issue 120).
Fixed issue 131 by checking for empty handles before throwing and
reporting exceptions.
2008-10-23: Version 0.4.0
Split the global object into two parts: The state holding global
object and the global object proxy.
Fixed bug that affected the value of an assignment to an element
in certain cases (issue 116).
Added GetPropertyNames functionality (issue 33) and extra Date
functions (issue 77) to the API.
Changed WeakReferenceCallback to take a Persistent<Value> instead
of a Persistent<Object> (issue 101).
Fixed issues with message reporting for exceptions in try-finally
blocks (issues 73 and 75).
Optimized flattening of strings and string equality checking.
Improved Boyer-Moore implementation for faster indexOf operations.
Added development shell (d8) which includes counters and
completion support.
Fixed problem with the receiver passed to functions called from
eval (issue 124).
2008-10-16: Version 0.3.5
Improved string hash-code distribution by excluding bit-field bits
from the hash-code.
Changed string search algorithm used in indexOf from KMP to
Improved the generated code for the instanceof operator.
Improved performance of slow-case string equality checks by
specializing the code based on the string representation.
Improve the handling of out-of-memory situations (issue 70).
Improved performance of strict equality checks.
Improved profiler output to make it easier to see anonymous
Improved performance of slow-case keyed loads.
Improved property access performance by allocating a number of
properties in the front object.
Changed the toString behavior on the built-in object constructors
to print [native code] instead of the actual source. Some web
applications do not like constructors with complex toString
2008-10-06: Version 0.3.4
Changed Array.prototype.sort to use quick sort.
Fixed code generation issue where leaving a finally block with
break or continue would accumulate elements on the expression
stack (issue 86).
Made sure that the name accessor on functions returns the expected
names for builtin JavaScript functions and C++ callback functions.
Added fast case code for extending the property storage array of
JavaScript objects.
Ported switch statement optimizations introduced in version 0.3.3
to the ARM code generator.
Allowed GCC to use strict-aliasing rules when compiling.
Improved performance of arguments object allocation by taking care
of arguments adaptor frames in the generated code.
Updated the V8 benchmark suite to version 2.
2008-09-25: Version 0.3.3
Improved handling of relocation information to enable more
peep-hole optimizations.
Optimized switch statements where all labels are constant small
Optimized String.prototype.indexOf for common cases.
Fixed more build issues (issue 80).
Fixed a couple of profiler issues.
Fixed bug where the body of a function created using the Function
constructor was not allowed to end with a single-line comment
(issue 85).
Improved handling of object literals by canonicalizing object
literal maps. This will allow JSON objects with the same set of
properties to share the same map making inline caching work better
for JSON objects.
2008-09-17: Version 0.3.2
Generalized the EvalCache into a CompilationCache and enabled it
for scripts too. The current strategy is to retire all entries
whenever a mark-sweep collection is started.
Fixed bug where switch statements containing only a default case
would lead to an unbalanced stack (issue 69).
Fixed bug that made access to the function in a named function
expression impossible in certain situations (issue 24).
Fixed even more build issues.
Optimized calling conventions on ARM. The conventions on ARM and
IA-32 now match.
Removed static initializers for flags and counters.
Improved inline caching behavior for uncommon cases where lazily
loading Date and RegExp code could force certain code paths go
Removed arguments adaption for builtins written in C++. This
makes Array.prototype.push and Array.prototype.pop slightly
2008-09-11: Version 0.3.1
Fixed a number of build issues.
Fixed problem with missing I-cache flusing on ARM.
Changed space layout in memory management by splitting up
code space into old data space and code space.
Added utf-8 conversion support to the API (issue 57).
Optimized repeated calls to eval with the same strings. These
repeated calls are common in web applications.
Added Xcode project file.
Optimized a couple of Array operation.
Fixed parser bug by checking for end-of-string when parsing break
and continue (issue 35).
Fixed problem where asian characters were not categorized as
Fixed bug that disallowed calling functions fetched from an array
using a string as an array index (issue 32).
Fixed bug where the internal field count on object templates were
sometimes ignored (issue 54).
Added -f option to the shell sample for compatibility with other
engines (issue 18).
Added source info to TryCatches in the API.
Fixed problem where the seed for the random number generator was
clipped in a double to unsigned int conversion.
Fixed bug where cons string symbols were sometimes converted to
non-symbol flat strings during GC.
Fixed bug in error reporting when attempting to convert null to an
2008-09-04: Version 0.3.0
Added support for running tests on the ARM simulator.
Fixed bug in the 'in' operator where negative indices were not
treated correctly.
Fixed build issues on gcc-4.3.1.
Changed Date.prototype.toLocaleTimeString to not print the
timezone part of the time.
Renamed debug.h to v8-debug.h to reduce the risk of name conflicts
with user code.
2008-09-02: Version 0.2.5
Renamed the top level directory 'public' to 'include'.
Added 'env' option to the SCons build scripts to support
overriding the ENV part of the build environment. This is mostly
to support Windows builds in cases where SCons cannot find the
correct paths to the Windows SDK, as these paths cannot be passed
through shell environment variables.
Enabled "Buffer Security Check" on for the Windows SCons build and
added the linker option /OPT:ICF as an optimization.
Added the V8 benchmark suite to the repository.
2008-09-01: Version 0.2.4
Included mjsunit JavaScript test suite and C++ unit tests.
Changed the shell sample to not print the result of executing a
script provided on the command line.
Fixed issue when building samples on Windows using a shared V8
library. Added visibility option on Linux build which makes the
generated library 18% smaller.
Changed build system to accept multiple build modes in one build
and generate separate objects, libraries and executables for each
Removed deferred negation optimization (a * -b => -(a * b)) since
this visibly changes operand conversion order.
Improved parsing performance by introducing stack guard in
preparsing. Without a stack guard preparsing always bails out
with stack overflow.
Changed shell sample to take flags directly from the command-line.
Added API call that implements this.
Added load, quit and version functions to the shell sample so it's
easier to run benchmarks and tests.
Fixed issue with building samples and cctests on 64-bit machines.
Fixed bug in the runtime system where the prototype chain was not
always searched for a setter when setting a property that does not
exist locally.
2008-08-14: Version 0.2.3
Improved performance of garbage collection by moving the
function that updates pointers during compacting collection
into the updating visitor. This gives the compiler a better
chance to inline and avoid a function call per (potential)
Extended the shell sample with a --runtime-flags option.
Added Visual Studio project files for the and samples.
2008-08-13: Version 0.2.2
Improved performance of garbage collection by changing the way
we use the marking stack in the event of stack overflow during
full garbage collection and by changing the way we mark roots.
Cleaned up ARM version by removing top of stack caching and by
introducing push/pop elimination.
Cleaned up the way runtime functions are called to allow
runtime calls with no arguments.
Changed Windows build options to make sure that exceptions are
disabled and that optimization flags are enabled.
Added first version of Visual Studio project files.
2008-08-06: Version 0.2.1
Improved performance of unary addition by avoiding runtime calls.
Fixed the handling of '>' and '<=' to use right-to-left conversion
and left-to-right evaluation as specified by ECMA-262.
Fixed a branch elimination bug on the ARM platform where incorrect
code was generated because of overly aggressive branch
Improved performance of code that repeatedly assigns the same
function to the same property of different objects with the same
Untangled DEBUG and ENABLE_DISASSEMBLER defines. The disassembler
no longer expects DEBUG to be defined.
Added to serve as the basis for new platform
2008-07-30: Version 0.2.0
Changed all text files to have native svn:eol-style.
Added a few samples and support for building them. The samples
include a simple shell that can be used to benchmark and test V8.
Changed V8::GetVersion to return the version as a string.
Added source for lazily loaded scripts to snapshots and made
serialization non-destructive.
Improved ARM support by fixing the write barrier code to use
aligned loads and stores and by removing premature locals
optimization that relied on broken support for callee-saved
registers (removed).
Refactored the code for marking live objects during garbage
collection and the code for allocating objects in paged
spaces. Introduced an abstraction for the map word of a heap-
allocated object and changed the memory allocator to allocate
executable memory only for spaces that may contain code objects.
Moved StringBuilder to utils.h and ScopedLock to platform.h, where
they can be used by debugging and logging modules. Added
thread-safe message queues for dealing with debugger events.
Fixed the source code reported by toString for certain builtin
empty functions and made sure that the prototype property of a
function is enumerable.
Improved performance of converting values to condition flags in
generated code.
Merged disassembler-{arch} files.
2008-07-28: Version 0.1.4
Added support for storing JavaScript stack traces in a stack
allocated buffer to make it visible in shallow core dumps.
Controlled by the --preallocate-message-memory flag which is
disabled by default.
2008-07-25: Version 0.1.3
Fixed bug in JSObject::GetPropertyAttributePostInterceptor where
map transitions would count as properties.
Allowed aliased eval invocations by treating them as evals in the
global context. This may change in the future.
Added support for accessing the last entered context through the
API and renamed Context::Current to Context::GetCurrent and
Context::GetSecurityContext to Context::GetCurrentSecurityContext.
Fixed bug in the debugger that would cause the debugger scripts to
be recursively loaded and changed all disabling of interrupts to
be block-structured.
Made snapshot data read-only to allow it to be more easily shared
across multiple users of V8 when linked as a shared library.
2008-07-16: Version 0.1.2
Fixed building on Mac OS X by recognizing i386 and friends as
IA-32 platforms.
Added propagation of stack overflow exceptions that occur while
compiling nested functions.
Improved debugger with support for recursive break points and
handling of exceptions that occur in the debugger JavaScript code.
Renamed GetInternal to GetInternalField and SetInternal to
SetInternalField in the API and moved InternalFieldCount and
SetInternalFieldCount from FunctionTemplate to ObjectTemplate.
2008-07-09: Version 0.1.1
Fixed bug in stack overflow check code for IA-32 targets where a
non-tagged value in register eax was pushed to the stack.
Fixed potential quadratic behavior when converting strings to
Fixed bug where the return value from Object::SetProperty could
end up being the property holder instead of the written value.
Improved debugger support by allowing nested break points and by
dealing with stack-overflows when compiling functions before
setting break points in them.
2008-07-03: Version 0.1.0
Initial export.
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