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ThemeService: crop Keyguard wallpaper to display size
Change-Id: I74d29981e7ae254bd71cc4a5f0023b9e49d033e1
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
(cherry picked from commit 110d60b)


Only discard the roaming icon if we're not roaming anymore.
  Ignore data roaming toggle because it shouldn't have impact on whether
  we show the indicator or not.

Change-Id: I445c1005a935eaca9d0a132d5a5a7fd214b300d0
(cherry picked from commit 682198e)


radio: Treat REGULAR_DEACTIVATION events as transient errors on AT&T
Change-Id: I6872be05de01dbe41d923f4274b70414f65d5f7e
(cherry picked from commit 640fe8c)


Use hidden API to validate APK chains
Bug: 13678484
Change-Id: I28dedab74b0e24d47ab9f2190298156c909e9d54


Add global setting for all stats control
Change-Id: Iaf244d9fafbf2c47c318a90665f39d5efaea3b1b
(cherry picked from commit 9ee9a04)


QS: respect equalizer in switch to small tiles
Change-Id: I2fa7f721c5a884bcfad49eb9e6a104ea89b019a5


Add a HAF access permission
This is signature protected, and extremely dangerous since it
grants system GID.

Change-Id: I2528813de9341187f18ef708e7251b4e5e4003a3


AppOps: Don't apply OP_ALARM_WAKEUP to system components
System can freely invoke and manage alarms. Preventing it from doing
so interferes with remote components like the backupmanager (backing up alarms)
due to the mismatched uids between the invoking app and the running
service that takes the action.

Change-Id: I079df8d2522642d6d9194781207df7dd67b715b2


Fixed stylus eraser being rejected by palm rejection
The stylus eraser appeared not to work, i.e. Android did not respond to
input from the eraser. It turned out that all input except stylus input
is rejected when palm rejection is activated. The problem was that the
eraser itself activates palm rejection when it hovers. The solution is
to allow the eraser during palm rejection. This solution makes sense
because the eraser input works in the exact same way as normal stylus

Change-Id: I90824500be7613af4f00427c59ce828528b632f7
(cherry picked from commit 2e1eb88)


WMS: fix no thumbnail image of Gallery in the recent tasks list.
When it takes the screenshot of an application, it will calculate
the minLayer and maxLayer first, and if a window is full screen,
it won't deal with the windows below it. However, the surfaceview
is placed below a window but will be displayed at front, this make
the surface view can not be included when take the screenshot of
an application, then it diaplays a black area in the recent tasks

If the currect window is full screen, no need to finish the


Change-Id: Iaf3e9a3e6520007571ea545ccc9c05d4b1b416fd
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