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Pull request Compare This branch is 1499 commits ahead, 91440 commits behind cm-12.0.
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api input: add keymapping and handle www/com key for keypads in ics
build New dalvik heap config for xhdpi devices.
cmds servicemanager: Allow tegra audio to register as a service
core Revert "Add SCENE_MODE_OFF support for Camera framework"
data Roboto: Fix for Unicode Character U+1EE1
docs Merge "Doc update: DDMS Network Traffic tool." into ics-mr1
drm Revert the following patches because they may lead to power regressio…
graphics Merge branch 'ics-mr1-release' of…
icu4j Refactor Styled utility functions into reusable objects.
include camera: fix samsung/qcom conflict
keystore Make the KeyChain handled its own grants rather than having
libs camera: fix samsung/qcom conflict
location Merge branch 'ics-mr1-release' of…
media Merge "frameworks/base: Fix for seek issue while LPA Playback" into ics
native input: add keymapping and handle www/com key for keypads in ics
nfc-extras Move nfc-extras tests into frameworks/base/nfc-extras/tests.
obex Bluetooth: Add MAP Profile features (#3857)
opengl Merge "opengl: remove tegra errata duplicates" into ics
packages framework: fix notification icons not animating till ticker is updated
policy Fix keystore access when utilizing quick unlock
sax Re-arrange android-common so framework no longer links with it.
services Turn off "too slow" logs.
test-runner Merge remote-tracking branch 'tmo/themes-2.3.1_r1' into themes-4.0
tests Fix a typo in image processing test
tools Xcode 4.3 compatibility checkin
voip framworks/base: Changes to use MVS path for VoIP feature
wifi/java/android/net/wifi ipconfig.txt: fix a possible error in parsing Merge remote-tracking branch 'tmo/themes-2.3.1_r1' into themes-4.0 Resolved conflicts for merge of 83cf031 to master
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE resolved conflicts for merge of adee6b3 to honeycomb-plus-aosp
preloaded-classes Update perf tests to always run each test in a fresh process.
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