Commits on Nov 12, 2012
  1. @mkasick

    alsa_sound: Re-add HTC_AUDIO, SAMSUNG_AUDIO, and USE_A2220

    Left out in Ib6bdafc600b66489868b0b18846446bb08cc8426's refactoring.
    Fixes d2 speakerphone caller echo.
    mkasick committed Nov 12, 2012
Commits on Nov 10, 2012
  1. @bbelos

    alsa_sound: Re-add DOCK_USBAUDIO.

    Change-Id: I7d8054c8e08a4607425dce61e461e11474f224a3
    bbelos committed Nov 8, 2012
  2. @Kali-

    Merge "audio/msm8660: Fix for Mute not working in VoIP call" into jel…

    Kali- committed with Gerrit Code Review Nov 10, 2012
Commits on Nov 8, 2012
  1. @Kali-

    audio/msm8660: Fix for Mute not working in VoIP call

    - In VoIp call mute option is not working
    - Due to wrong device selection, PCM recording path is selected, instead
      of MVS Tx path, for VoIP tx.
    - Enable MVS Tx path for VoIP uplink.
    CRs-Fixed: 406977
    (cherry picked from commit 9941ecfadc64514f4de8f4962b238d623aac52ce)
    Change-Id: I5e2525938107a0c6a7115038d85419c4b886d5fe
    (cherry picked from commit b4f3bad309e6fd0a9b39c10a64ef3bcb1141b373)
    Deepa Madiregama committed with Kali- Oct 8, 2012
Commits on Nov 6, 2012
  1. @cyanogen

    alsa_sound: A2DP playback changes on jellybean

    -Re-design for A2DP playback for changes. Data is read from
     proxy port and written to A2DP HAL. A2DP output is opened
     and configured from 8960 AHAL.
    Change-Id: Icb373f882a99ff2a091e32a902811226ada77140
    (cherry picked from commit 7c733664750e8c0ba45e8282f5195d536db00520)
    alsa_sound: Fix for no audio on A2DP after pause and resume
    - No audio is heard on A2DP headset after resuming audio playback
      after pause for more than 5sec.
    - On long pause, the output stream is set to standby and the A2DP
      playback thread is suspended. But while resuming the playback,
      A2DP thread is not restarted which results no audio on A2DP.
    - Fixed the issue by starting A2DP playback on first write to
      audio HAL on resume.
    (cherry picked from commit d3ae028c373135615cfeeef0d670fe27693f9d99)
    Change-Id: I2c1ddf751630b459d59d9e2e7d3bcca94c7d4330
    alsa_sound: Fix for audio not routed through WiFi display
    - DEVICE_OUT_PROXY is overwritten by A2DP device
    - Switch to A2DP device only when DEVICE_OUT_PROXY is not set
    (cherry picked from commit 2361761fb4ee2417cf84e73125f875936d6a285f)
    Change-Id: Iea5e9934a4939bd71575faca4fd9c3627b48f7fc
    alsa_sound: Fix for audio loss during BT power ON/OFF
     -Currently when BT headset is powered off audio HAL does not
      stop A2DP playback thread as we are calling suspendA2DPplayback
      in standby function which is causing audio loss when BT is
      conencted back. This is because dorouting is not called when
      BT is reconnected and is not teared down path previously
     -Fixed by calling stopA2DPplaybcak in standby function which
      will stop A2DP playback and called dorouting again when BT is
      connected again.
    CRs-fixed: 391103
    (cherry picked from commit 015e6f3bafafb516c4b1c8684d194d279cc47ab9)
    (cherry picked from commit f5ca1b342591e21ff8a879ce14d593d6f250b14d)
    Change-Id: I8493229e79ea0633ec11599bcd78792015e599ab
    audio/alsa_sound: Fix for audio routing to speaker after BT voice call drop
    Steps to reproduce :
    1. Connect and pair BT.
    2. Make a MO Voice call.
    3. Play Music. (Both voice call and music is routed to BT SCO)
    4. Disconnect the Voice call.
    5. Music resumes in speaker
    Root cause of the problem :
    When phoneState get changed, A2DP suspend flag should be updated first. Speaker was selected
    How to fix the CR :
    check for device and output changes with proper order
    Change-Id: I5043b6807fa48145ded7a268223074a8cf693f69
    CRs-Fixed: 392743
    (cherry picked from commit 45c2afae5e720fa6c676812db1a7c26cb6899b35)
    alsa_sound:Fix for LPA clips audio loss during BT power ON/OFF
    -mRouteAudioToA2dp should not set to true in standby function
     which will close all A2DP streams.
    -This is taken care  in stopA2dpplayback function so removed in standby.
    Change-Id: I61f1b901261cab7ebad9d17491fb8158835aeba1
    CRs-Fixed: 391103
    (cherry picked from commit 709dd53cae31c31c501accb47026ed9fd00d5c68)
    alsa_sound:Fix for voice+Music playback over BT
    - Issue: Start Music playback,initiate MO/MT call,disconnect call
      and music should resume but Music plaback resumes and stops after
      1 or 2 secs.
    - Rootcause is because of standby function called after 3 secs of voice call
      end which in turn calls stopA2dpPlayback function
    - Fix: Deal with lowlatency use cases over BT seperately.
    Change-Id: I79d65f72dffbdb32c1859fba6b3607c8afe5eb52
    CRs-Fixed: 398060
    (cherry picked from commit 76841ce85e73f3e333adf321d615cf4eec383e7f)
    (cherry picked from commit fc8e6b8efddd690656fcb3c15c43196c7176067a)
    alsa_sound: Fix for no audio in BT after standby is called.
    When BT is connected, and there is no audio for three seconds,
    standby is called. But pcm device close was bypassed in the case,
    when BT device was connected. Due to this mRouteAudioToA2dp was not
    getting set to true in subsequent playback and hence a2DpPlayback
    was never getting started.
    Make a fix to close pcm device even when BT device is connected
    Change-Id: Ice455455063179c82640b9fef9fdab7c002b615c
    CRs-Fixed: 409889
    (cherry picked from commit 41d8544b953cc5f0f3d8ac0316df60ff631811fc)
    alsa_sound: Fix for no audio in music+ringtone concurrency on A2DP
    - While playing audio on A2DP, if we go to settings and select a
      ringtone, the audio is lost. Expected behavior is that the ringtone
      should be heard on both A2DP and Speaker and music playback muted.
    - While A2DP playback thread is reading data from proxy, if the
      device switch is done from A2DP to A2DP+Speaker, the proxy device
      is disabled and re-enabled which results bad state the A2DP playback
    - Fixed by stopping A2dp playback and resuming after the routing is
    Change-Id: I413540404d173a6c0d15c7704ee6e2efeab0887e
    CRs-Fixed: 392353
    alsa_sound: Shush the logging
    Change-Id: Ib6bdafc600b66489868b0b18846446bb08cc8426
    Krishnankutty Kolathappilly committed with cyanogen Jul 26, 2012
  2. audio/msm8660: Add support for audio effects for LPA clips

    Change-Id: I04587005e2ec3b89ce933a607d1603c4766687d0
    Yamit Mehta committed with Gerrit Code Review Oct 9, 2012
  3. audio/msm8660: Fix the issue of voice call when HDMI connected

    - Voice call is not working when HDMI cable is connected.
    - When HDMI is connected getDeviceForStrategy is picking
      up HDMI rx as active device, because of this voice call
      is not working.
    - Avoid updating the HDMI as active output device, when
      strategy is STRATGY_PHONE.
    CRs-Fixed: 384324
    (cherry picked from commit 815e0bfe786a4c7fca0bb4880b56519471dde386)
    Change-Id: I76cf12ca0449569a83f5188e8b30db08ff86f584
    Deepa Madiregama committed with Gerrit Code Review Sep 27, 2012
  4. audio/msm8660: LPA Audio HAL fixes for suspend and eos issue

    -LPA playback reset is not called at end of clip as eos
    from HAL doesn't gets generated if last write buffer
    size is zero.
    Fix this by posting eos to observer if bytes to write is zero.
    -After suspend resume, playback of paused lpa clip is not
    resumed if tried to play the clip.
    Added isDriverStarted variable to maintain states of driver.
    -Driver flush is not triggered sometimes during paused state
     and at the end of clips while LPA Player is waiting on fsync.
     This results in fsync to be blocked indefinitely and ANR is
     Fix this problem by calling driver flush explicitly and pause
     the session if stream is in paused state
    -If last buffer is written immediately after flush the last
     buffer is skipped and eos is triggered. The song doesn't
     switch to next clip because of this problem
     Fix this problem by triggering eos if last buffer is written
     immediately after flush
    Change-Id: Id57cf830a411c199e1923f38740bbe0862eab7df
    Y Mehta committed with Gerrit Code Review Sep 26, 2012
  5. audio/msm8660: Fix to avoid routing in voice call

    -If a device selected for media playback is other than the
    current active device selected to route voice call, routing
    is switched to that device.
    -Avoid routing in such cases if device to route is different from
    current device for voice call.
    Change-Id: I6d4e7a667b1949a5bc45e19c2f7b3a4555b6bbfe
    CRs-Fixed: 397595
    Yamit Mehta committed with Gerrit Code Review Oct 4, 2012
  6. audio/msm8660: Fix audio routing issue during cam corder

    - After cam corder recording, voice call is not routing to
      wired headset even if it is connected.
    - When cam corder recording starts device switch to handset,
      and when it stops also remaining on same device, because
      active device is not updated based on policy after cam corder
      stops recording.
    - Update the active device based on policy after cam corder
      recording and switch to higher priority device if available.
    CRs-Fixed: 398301
    (cherry picked from commit ad59eae61b2c3a5d98416d7164923651b52bdb7e)
    Change-Id: I88f9abd07b6f5de04b7ee32b5610946730c55ab9
    Deepa Madiregama committed with Gerrit Code Review Sep 20, 2012
  7. @bbelos

    alsa_sound: Enhance support for dock audio.

    - Adds SND_USE_CASE_DEV_DOCK to properly route audio based on
    device's alsa use case definitions.
        - Ringtones always play on the device speaker, in case
        you have it docked, but your stereo turned off.
        - All other sounds get routed based on whether the dock
        is the configured output device based on DeviceSettings.
    - Uses the new BOARD_HAVE_DOCK_USBAUDIO option to set
    DOCK_USBAUDIO for rerouting to new dock use case.
    Change-Id: Ib78907e376c852f4d2e30133c6eb34964a15d406
    bbelos committed with Gerrit Code Review Oct 20, 2012
  8. @agrabren

    Legacy QCOM audio does not support ext functions

    Change-Id: Ia8d8062aa011044d93683b884f59432b03822c6a
    Author:    Kevin Bruckert <>
    	modified:   msm8660/AudioHardware.cpp
    agrabren committed with Gerrit Code Review Oct 25, 2012
  9. @mkasick

    Samsung msm8960: Add support for "Voice Earpiece Extra Gain" mode

    Uses "Voice Earpiece Extra Gain" mode instead of "Voice Earpiece" during
    voice calls when
    Change-Id: I5d2e09ad59b77198a1c6f9fe2473bf9b05575a33
    mkasick committed with Gerrit Code Review Oct 26, 2012
  10. @agrabren

    Legacy QCOM audio does not support ext functions

    Change-Id: Ia8d8062aa011044d93683b884f59432b03822c6a
    Author:    Kevin Bruckert <>
    	modified:   msm8660/AudioHardware.cpp
    agrabren committed with Gerrit Code Review Oct 25, 2012
Commits on Oct 25, 2012
  1. @cyanogen

    alsa_sound: Add miscellaneous fixes to AudioSessionOut.

    - Remove reset from stop function. reset should be only called
      in the destructor as it closes all the threads and deallocates
      all the memory
    - While iterating through the Device list, break out of the loop
      once the use case corresponding to the device is removed.
    CRs-Fixed: 396029
    Change-Id: Ifa449fc5aba93b3e88c52f55219110027e4a8684
    (cherry picked from commit 991d9cae7c96338691ec2bbf2aad7ddc6328a6da)
    Tejas Shikhare committed with cyanogen Aug 29, 2012
  2. @cyanogen

    alsa_sound: Fix EOS - Seek issue.

    Seeking to EOS in tunnel mode is causing no audio. This is because
    zero length buffer is not handled properly.
    Fix is to not send zer length buffer to driver if the queue is
    already empty.
    Change-Id: Ie598bc89e20e6c7c5a0d65b54ceeea6cade0087d
    Krishnankutty Kolathappilly committed with cyanogen Sep 15, 2012
  3. @cyanogen

    alsa_sound: fix a merge error which broke LPA functionality

    Change-Id: Iccfdca5c81ca0f12a6cea9a1f78c34a1a1b14561
    Tejas Shikhare committed with cyanogen Oct 15, 2012
Commits on Oct 17, 2012
  1. @ius

    msm7x30/AudioPolicyManager: remove erroneous QCOM_FM_ENABLED ifdef

    An incorrect ifdef in AudioPolicyManager::startOutput prevented the
    output device from being set if QCOM_FM_ENABLED was not defined.
    Change-Id: Idaad10edf198a790249ad5b4902c7309fe032d65
    ius committed Oct 17, 2012
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
  1. @Kali-

    Merge "audio/msm7x30: Merge with CAF" into jellybean

    Kali- committed with Gerrit Code Review Oct 16, 2012
  2. @rmcc

    audio/msm7627a: Handle error cases during postproc enable

    -No sound is audible when audiofilter.csv file is not present
    on target or error in parsing the file.
    -DSP gets enable of legacy postproc features during SRS enable
    with invalid values and crashes DSP. This happens because of
    legacy postproc features being enabled even when there is error
    in parsing.
    -Disable enabled postproc features in error cases.
    Change-Id: Ica8deddc8919351c6ff34c0eecd95a58cf2bc25f
    CRs-Fixed: 384251
    Chaithanya Krishna Bacharaju committed with rmcc Aug 3, 2012
  3. @rmcc

    audio/msm7627a: Derive AudioPolicyManager and add FM device

    Change-Id: I92794dfb7e3a84b382ebf2dd2f9fa787f777b725
    Shashi Kumar committed with rmcc Jul 20, 2012
Commits on Oct 9, 2012
  1. @mkasick

    alsa_sound: Force calling of setVoiceVolume at the start of every call.

    Fixes the problem whereby every call starts at max volume regardless of the
    in-call volume setting.
    mkasick committed Oct 9, 2012
Commits on Oct 3, 2012
  1. @dferg

    msm8660 audio: fix BT in-call routing on non-HTC phones

      * Code was introduced in
        that chose SND_DEVICE_BT_EC_OFF if noise reduction is disabled.
        But, non-HTC phones define SND_DEVICE_BT_EC_OFF as -1 so the
        default of handset is used as fallback.
      * Put this code within #ifdef HTC_AOUSTIC_AUDIO.
    Change-Id: I9b93d372a10a112266d0fbdb4178151ce784eb69
    dferg committed Oct 3, 2012
Commits on Sep 25, 2012
  1. @cyanogen

    alsa_sound: Design changes in HAL to support post proc effects

    Change-Id: I4fff973059ff63bc7c4f7a02be9571e3c755e9fa
    Tejas Shikhare committed with cyanogen Sep 7, 2012
Commits on Sep 17, 2012
  1. @Kali-

    Merge "audio/msm8660: fix a2dp" into jellybean

    Kali- committed with Gerrit Code Review Sep 17, 2012
Commits on Sep 16, 2012
  1. @arco

    audio/msm7x30: Merge with CAF

    Change-Id: I53341f0be1bc3e4a1b8ec65e85b49809b724c4f1
    arco committed Sep 15, 2012
Commits on Sep 15, 2012
  1. @Kali-

    audio/msm: fix 7x30 and 8660 voice call volume

    Change-Id: Ic47fe957eda23c202ef23fed0a88ffb6f2a95145
    Kali- committed Sep 15, 2012
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. @Kali-

    audio/msm8660: fix a2dp

    change sampling rate to 44100
    Change-Id: I3233d5ed7b5ddc15ab514dd31e4fe0b085e97b97
    Kali- committed Sep 14, 2012
  2. @intervigilium

    audio/msm8960: add ifdef for USB audio in FM audio ifdef

    Change-Id: I7b18f4176ec54764f0fb6d384617e6d3252c6ac0
    intervigilium committed with Gerrit Code Review Sep 11, 2012
  3. @cretin45

    audio/msm8660: re-add HTC acoustic audio/aic3254 support

    Re-upload of
    Change-Id: I4ec77e3498b92959a940a0c372c1fbb03a658981
    cretin45 committed with Gerrit Code Review Sep 11, 2012
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
  1. @rmcc

    audio/8660: Add a couple more ACDB identifiers

    The _playback RX variants are "optimized" versions of the more generic
    _stereo_rx outputs on LGE devices
    Change-Id: Id8bfa9b01ba4db73b6407140db3155588c8a94a3
    rmcc committed Sep 13, 2012
Commits on Sep 11, 2012
  1. @cyanogen

    Revert "audio/8660: htc and aic3254 support"

    Doesn't compile.
    This reverts commit fc0e36a.
    cyanogen committed Sep 11, 2012
  2. @cyanogen

    Merge "audio/msm8660: enable QCOM_ACDB_ENABLED CFLAG for QCOM_HARDWAR…

    …E" into jellybean
    cyanogen committed with Gerrit Code Review Sep 11, 2012
  3. @cretin45

    audio/8660: htc and aic3254 support

    Manual merge from:
    Patchset 2:
    * Removed incorrectly reference patches above.
    * Missed an ifdef for htc.
    Patchset 3:
    * Change ifdef to HTC_ACOUSTIC_AUDIO for devices that use lib_htc_acoustic
    Patchset 4:
    * Fix whitespace
    Patchset 5:
    * Missed patch (updateDeviceInfo part): CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_media@0332607
    Patchset 6:
    * Set volume and enable voice for calls.
    Patchset 7:
    * Set mRecordState such that audio input will start.
    Patchset 8:
    * Fix ifdefing for audio recording
    Change-Id: I955ba1c58bf0f686f6e90e1c078fb6058db4c96a
    cretin45 committed with Gerrit Code Review Jul 23, 2012
Commits on Sep 8, 2012
  1. @intervigilium

    alsa_sound: merge HTC cases with existing usage cases

    Change-Id: I1dc141989929e9c51a6dc784f1c9946b562670e1
    intervigilium committed Sep 8, 2012