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Latest commit 19e6205 Dec 14, 2014 @thoemy thoemy nl80211: Add unhandled attributes from wpa_supplicant
Fixes the following hostapd error when tethering:

E/hostapd (13665): Failed to create interface mon.wlan0: -34 (Math result not representable)
E/hostapd (13665): nl80211: Could not configure driver mode
E/hostapd (13665): nl80211 driver initialization failed.

Without this patch NL80211_ATTR_IFACE_SOCKET_OWNER used by
nl80211_create_iface_once in driver_nl80211.c is greater than
NL80211_ATTR_MAX and seems to be the reason for the above error.

Change-Id: I3452990d67bf1bea1e72f419bdda49f99bcc16fc
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