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wpan.git contains the Bluetooth, FM code by Texas Instruments for
WiLink connectivity chipsets on OMAP Platforms - Root Makefile calling all subdir makefiles
bt_sco_app - Command line application to send PCM configuruations to WL12xx chip(optional)
and connect to BT headset via SCO.
bt_voice_call_set - Derived from bt_sco_app for Modem purposes.
fmradio - Stack and Command line application for FM on WiLink chipsets
fmradio_omap3 - Derived from fmradio (older version) on OMAP3 platforms
README - This file
ti_st -
	kfmapp/ - V4L2 FM application to be used with V4L2 drivers for FM on WL.
	uim/ - User-Space Initilization Manager for TI Shared Transport Drivers (to be
	used with kernel version 2.6.32 and below drivers)
	uim-rfkill/ - Derived from uim/ to be used with K32 and above TI ST drivers.
	uim-sysfs/ - User-Space Init Manager for TI Shared Transport Drivers (per
tools -
        BluetoothSCOApp/ - BT SCO UI App for connect to BT headset via SCO
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