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Commits on Aug 10, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Use the notifications menu to enter desktop editor mode.
I don't wanted to bloat the main menu, so I've replaced the notifications menu
with the "edit" one.
I maybe change other stuff, or just add a "more" submenu or whatever,
but not sure if it's better just leaving it as is.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Seems wallpaperreceiver is not registered "the same way" as other rec…

so if i try to unregister it, will FC on some rotations... still don't know why

Could this be the cause of sometimes not being able to change the wallpaper?
Need time to dig on it...
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix colorpicker hardcoded dimensions to adapt different resolution de…
@AnderWeb AnderWeb More fixes for the screens editor
-Update the "default screen" when removing screens to avoid NPEs
-Close the app drawer when entering editor mode
Commits on Aug 11, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix: dockbar items shouldn't be deleted from database when dragged ou…
…t of it
Commits on Aug 12, 2010
@cyanogen cyanogen adw: Fix typo 50d1108
@cyanogen cyanogen wallpapers: Remove WallpaperChooser activity. 71449e2
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Added a few verifications for possible NPEs
My android market developer console shows TONS of errors regarding the
LauncherModel intent filters for added/removed/updated packages because
the adapter is null.... I don't really have any clue why...

So i've added a few conditionals to check whether adatler is null to avoid
those NPEs, but i don't know if that could affect any other stuff, I lack
the knowledge regarding locked/synchronized funtions and all that stuff...
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Added swap function to screens editor.
Need new graphics for the buttons....
Commits on Aug 15, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Added mising graphics for screens editor and verification code f7712cb
Commits on Aug 19, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb New "custom shortcut" option inside "add" menu.
Simple anycut/bettercut like screen to create shortcuts to apps/activities allowing to use custom icons (picture from gallery only atm)
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix cherry-picked namespaces from standalone branch 6d4aa6b
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix previous commit, forgot AndroidManifest.xml
Also tweaked a bit the activitypicker list
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Few fixes and changes on the activitypicker to avoid binder errors 2f23ee9
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Updated the custom shortcuts to be able to use standard shortcuts too 7148d2c
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Reordered the 'add' menu and fixed some minor glitches 252f036
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix 4 customshirtcuts: Clear mBitmap on selecting different activity 772d100
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix (once again) the apps button not passing focus properly to app dr…
…awer or desktop.

Seems my Viewstub borked the old xml nextFocus properties somewhat, so I've ended up changing
the nextFocus ids in code depending the screen orientation and the app drawer status.

I don't think it's a good idea allowing the LAB/RAB/LAB2/RAB2 buttons to be added to this fix,
the app drawer should maintain the focus only to/from the apps button...
@AnderWeb AnderWeb More fixes for the orientation/persistence options
-Persistence will block the orientation ALWAYS to portrait (i may add support for landscape it in a future)
-Without persistence, the PORTRAIT orientation allows rotation when opening hardware keyboard (on phones with it)
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Lowered a bit the swipe actions sensitivity 95cdef4
@kaydensigh kaydensigh Added, adapted Launcher/LauncherModel to use it
IconShader applies color effects to icons. Shading is specified by themes that include a res/xml/shader.xml file.

See for new template.
@kaydensigh kaydensigh Bugfix
Support for FastBitmapDrawable in processIcon().
Works with more icons now.
@kaydensigh kaydensigh Efficiency improvements

  Changed to using static final ints instead of enum.

  Changed divide by value operation to multiply by 1/value.

  Changed write operations to Array.fill and System.arraycopy

  Basic preprocessing of shader list to decide if buffer or
  intensity calculations are needed, if not, their arrays are
  not allocated.
@seast seast First merge of the new "app catalogs" stuff cd73904
@seast seast remove files 949e62b
@seast seast let user add catalogs e6488fe
@seast seast add and remove function. need redo UI 8b8528c
@seast seast make allItems static 8363c7e
@seast seast multi-icon fix 2c38201
@seast seast fixing following,
1-if I create new catalogs, and later restart the launcher, it only
shows the "all" and "tools" ones. I can create them again, but each time
I restart the launcher they disappear again. (to reproduce: create new
catalog, then goto adwsettings, themes, and change the "use icons"
option to force the launcher to restart)
3-when I click "new catalog" it should load it automatically instead of
having to click "choose" and select it.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Catch a possible fc cause of some unknown sync issue f7896f4
@AnderWeb AnderWeb changed icons of app catalog menus ca178ee
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Few minor fixes for the app catalog stuff:
-The filtering async thing still could throw a NPE sometimes inside superAdd
-When deleting a catalog, we should clear the preferences file
-When creating a catalog, the "catalog change" wasn't saved.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb More appcatalog code fixes 6710429
@AnderWeb AnderWeb One more check for getComponent() 4927bdd
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fixes from Florian Sundermann <> for the cata…
…log adapter stuff
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Inverted the custom app catalogs logic.
Now we only store the unwanted apps inside the xmls, instead of storing all of them.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix menu stuff from bad merge 8b830f7
@kaydensigh kaydensigh IconShader: Speed/memory tradeoff

  Image registers allocated when compiling shader.
  The 330kb or so for these are kept in CompiledIconShader.
  processIcon() makes extra allocations apart from local
@AnderWeb AnderWeb A few translation and string changes for the app catalog stuff fa32918
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix grammar and strings 4996f44
@kaydensigh kaydensigh Bugfix

  Some icons have no config, so NPE on getConfig()
  Fixed using default config when creating bitmap
@thiasB thiasB German: new orientation & persistence options e17d662
@levyitay levyitay Updated hebrew translations 143f51a
Commits on Aug 20, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Tweaked the custom shortcuts activity to allow selecting different ic…
…on sources.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb New preferences to restart and reset ADW d4a06ab
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Try using ARGB_8888 for the icon shaders, seems it renders faster 35ab7de
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Little cleanup 8c5a0b7
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info v1.1.0 5e375c2
Commits on Aug 21, 2010
@takuo takuo Update Japanese translation: add more translated strings. 53bcf18
unknown Updated french translations fo 1.1.0 version 3ff868d
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Dockbar allows placing items at the drop position
Thanks to Florian Sundermann <>
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Use a different adapter class for folders.
Cause of the app catalog stuff (making static vars... :( ) we can ONLY use the ApplicationsAdapter for the app drawer.
So I've made a little new adapter for folders (inner class)
@AnderWeb AnderWeb sendWallpaperCommand could throw an exception cause of the window tok…
…en being null
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Updated chinese translations thanks to LvWind (Jackson Shawn) c6659d1
@PomepuyN PomepuyN Do not translate lines removed - username added c8d9d87
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Make the Iconshader resulting bitmap the current system density 99374a3
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info v1.1.1 72cf28e
Commits on Aug 22, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix the "select picture" code for the custom shortcut icons.
Rounding the scale made images to load pretty subsampled, so icons sppeared amaller than they should be :(
Florian Sundermann Fixed the icon reordering in vertical mode f3f41e1
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info v1.1.2 75188fe
Commits on Aug 23, 2010
Florian Sundermann small bugfix for dockbar drag & drop 1955b33
Jackson Shawn little fix 68ff97a
Jackson Shawn little fix 2660567
Jackson Shawn little fix e4cbe36
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Few fixes:
-Avoid possible NPE when the launcher is not yet visible trying to send a LWP wallpapercommand
-Fix the default screen check when removing screens, it caused NPEs when the default screen was set to the last one.
-Fix a ClassCastException in the app catalogs code.
-Small spanish typo.
@Eug89 Eug89 Updated Italian Translation: v1.1.2 29d8a0d
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info 1.1.3 1b5f70b
Commits on Aug 24, 2010
Florian Sundermann fixed dockbar reordering a428827
@boombuler boombuler Updated german translation 5b138eb
Commits on Aug 25, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix NPE's cause of adding/removing/swapping screens
CellLayout stored the "mCellInfo.screen" field when "onAttachedToWindow", and use it when longpressing a screen to add items.
But changing screens didn't change that internal field so added a getter/setter to change the value when needed.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb New "changelog screen" accesible by clicking the "version" preference…
… in settings.

This screen shows itself automagically with each version update by comparing the stored version string.

Also added confirmation dialog to the "reset settings" option.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Added the "set default screen" button into the screens editor.
I should remove the preference from the settings screen---
@exiva exiva Fixed spelling errors in Screen Preferences category titles English t…
@edulmartins edulmartins Update Portuguese translations: Adw Settings e7208e8
@edulmartins edulmartins Update Portuguese translation: Adw settings 4b3240b
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Little fox for the PT translation eb1c38f
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info v1.1.4 45d068c
Commits on Aug 26, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Make the nag changelog popup optional on config.xml 2630264
@thiasB thiasB German: revised translations, formatting fixes 28bd87a
@thiasB thiasB German: changelog c4aa1db
Commits on Sep 02, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Little layout changes, beware themers!!! 0de82eb
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Changed the animate condition for the app drawer b9ca586
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Changed previews measurement to better fill the screen 723244f
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix the ApplicationInfo overriden "equals"
This override was causing issues for other adapters like the desktopItems one
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Themers can now specify if secondary action buttons are enabled upon …
…theme apply
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Uncomment the toString override from ApplicationInfo to fix double-di…
…sapearing desktop icons when removing one
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix the crop intent for the custom shirtcut icon selector 40d0f0a
Commits on Sep 03, 2010
@edulmartins edulmartins Update Portuguese Translations: more continuation c4f2c56
@Eug89 Eug89 Revised Italian Translations: changed some strings and fixed indentation 388d1f6
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Little translation typos
Closes #25
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Little tweak for the drawer opening/closing animation conditions.
Also little change to center the current screen on opening the horizontal drawer
Closes #24
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Update to launcher+ revision r45 457e48a
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info v.1.1.5 d2b5cf1
Commits on Sep 05, 2010
@cyanogen cyanogen Change package name to ADWLauncher. d4343d6
@cyanogen cyanogen Remove LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS. Froyo complains. 64fca22
@koush koush this overrides Launcher and Launcher2 2761027
@skarcha skarcha Typos and indentation on Spanish translation. fd46f5f
Commits on Sep 06, 2010
@Eug89 Eug89 Added localization to two toast messages strings and related Italian …
@Eug89 Eug89 Added localization to another toast message string and related Italia…
…n translation
@boombuler boombuler Update to launcher+ revision r46 941b8d6
Commits on Sep 08, 2010
@boombuler boombuler added some caching for scrollable widget api 3732a8b
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Removed the launcher restart when changing the Scrollable widget support 7864ac2
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Externalized, translated and modified the alert messages for the late…
…st scrollable widgets API changes.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb spanish changelog translation dd99762
@boombuler boombuler changed the setBoundOnClickIntent to use PendingIntents 12e6c66
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Update to Launcher+ API r47 d15431c
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix changelog displaying wrong l+ versions 5590f3c
@AnderWeb AnderWeb New icon thanks to Big E 525808f
Commits on Sep 09, 2010
Jackson Shawn simple-chinese strings of scrollable widgets 738e46a
Jackson Shawn traditional-chinese strings of scrollable widgets 1666ec0
Commits on Sep 11, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix possible NPE when adding widgets cause of the new metadata API check e691849
Commits on Oct 04, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Debug memory info 994700b
@boombuler boombuler * added manual cache clearing to scrollable widgets
* some minor improvements

Try to make a proper cleaning of widgets when removing them. Needs aproval

Little fixes for the previous commit

fixed FC in scrollable widget cleanup
@boombuler boombuler new 'debugging' settings can be compiled to the launcher e886c9c
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Try to query the scrollable api cursors in async to avoid blocking th…
…e UI thread

This SHOULD BE further tested before going into production....
@boombuler boombuler * first test on blur-widget resizing
* automatic code cleanup
@boombuler boombuler removed warnings 910f642
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Implementation of a dynamic resize for widgets.
-Long press the widget
-Release it in the same place
-Use the resizing handles
-Press back to exit resizing mode

-block the app while editing widgets
-Add the same stuff to the builtin search widget
-Add checks to see if a resize is valid (it actually allows overlapping widgets and icons, that's BAD, but i haven't found a proper way to do it yet)
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix package changes a3853b4
@boombuler boombuler fixed unnecessary query in scrollable widgets 0088ba8
@boombuler boombuler * removed some logging
* fixed unnecessary query in scrollable widgets
@boombuler boombuler Fixed double query on rotate a2ef236
@boombuler boombuler always show 'grap handles' 11ff054
@boombuler boombuler 'resizing rect' resizes after widget resizing ;) 4924e01
@sebyx31 sebyx31 Clean unused translated strings
Change-Id: I0dea2e8bd1e739fcb793819b85bdd8be25c59b56
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Refined the widgets resize stuff:
* Now we block the user to overlap a widget whith any other desktop item
* Fix for the cells vacant cache
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix FC when trying to get appwidget info on missing or uninstalled wi…
…dget (the typical 'cannot display widget').
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix widgets being able to overlap other widgets 8ca87b5
@boombuler boombuler removed warnings 8565f5b
@boombuler boombuler rewrote the category thing to be less static and for code cleanup 38d375b
@boombuler boombuler Added Launcher Actions for Shirtcuts dc343b8
@boombuler boombuler added 'open category' to the Launcher Actions 5fede9a
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix more stupidity e5a601a
Commits on Oct 17, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Add the ADW icon as default to Launcher Actions instead of leaving it…
… to the ugly android generic one
@AnderWeb AnderWeb When filtering we may need to dispatch the "notifyDataSetChanged()" s…
…o the gridview, etc knows it needs to relayout stuff.

Mainly cause of our AllAppsSlidingView hack, if it doesn't detect the adapter change, it doesn't relayout the pages.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix to complete the previous commit 4e2d41e
@boombuler boombuler added some LauncherActions to the blacklist, cause no need for them 8c92707
@boombuler boombuler Fixed: issue 2348 from CM - CustomShirtCutActivity looses state on ro…
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Changed actionbuttons to accept a special action.
Now, when you open the app drawer, the action buttons display a different icon
and they can perform a different action.

Need to implement the navigateCatalogs function and change the temporal icons
(and maybe make them themable)
@AnderWeb AnderWeb First implementation of a global counter receiver
We can configure the counter_filter.xml to listen to specific application broadcasts
and update their icons with a counter.
Also we listen a custom ADW broadcast so app developers can send the required information to ADW.

It currently would need more work, but atm is functional for:
-Desktop Icons
-DockBar icons

Implementing it inside the App Drawer itself should be easy enough.
@boombuler boombuler implemented category switching for the actionbuttons 2138b98
@boombuler boombuler added new interface for drawer handling 821d9c8
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Added the global counters to the app drawer too.
Hopefully this is not too much overkill, cause currently i fire a
notifyDataSetChanged to the adapter when a counter change is detected.

I've tried to manually refresh the required view, but i haven'f found any performance differences so...
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Few fixes:
-Fix a NPE when starting some activities without a proper componentname
-Counters now are density-friendly and a little better placed
-Custom shortcuts now display the counters too
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Little counter placement fix 7c08149
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Make the counters stuff a bit more stateful storing the desktop items…
… counter in the model (volatile)

This grants the counters to not dissappear on rotate and allows to drag & drop apps from the drawer
to the desktop without loosing the counter.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Minor ui changes 0eef72e
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix the custom launcher actions to not close the app drawer e444805
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Try to fix a lot of stuff reported on market developer console
-try to catch som OOMs with bitmaps stuff
-try to avoid some race conditions when dragging stuff between screens (cause of the overshoot)
-Fix the vertical drawer being always closed when starting to drag an item (it should stay open if the dockbar is open like the horizontal one)
-ClassCastExceptions with SavedStates (i don't have a clue about it, don't ask)
-Fix NPEs inside the startActivityForResult cause of phantom null intents over the world....
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Reverted again the catalog logic
I think users here
are right.
The app catalogs might only show the apps marked by the user, so newly installed apps are invisible.

This change required to change the catalog filenames so users don't get angry with their catalogs
acting weird... so everyone should recreate their catalogs again.
@boombuler boombuler fixed categorie rotating for other filter instances 77556ef
@boombuler boombuler added some new icons to toggle the category 3234ef4
@boombuler boombuler Only show alternative action buttons when other catalogs exists 4bcc969
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Added new options
-System settings/Notifications-> Enable/disable the global notification counter receiver
-Drawer preferences/Catalog navigation->Enable/Disable app drawer catalog navigation buttons
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix a few stuff cause of packagenames from cherrypicked commits 31b55ef
@AnderWeb AnderWeb New icons for drawer catalogs navigation from Boombuler 0826159
@boombuler boombuler updated german translation 1dab9e4
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Spanish translation 5f2a811
@boombuler boombuler speedup drawer drawing
speed up ApplicationsAdapter

drawer now scrolls fast

fixes FC on faster drawer

* Generating Drawer Views in background
* drawingCache will now be set in the ApplicationsAdapter if needed

Adapted the horizontal app drawer to the appadapter cache
and a few small optimizations.

some code cleanup

Fix a little flickering when closing the horizontal drawer
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info v1.2.0 f19c5c4
@AnderWeb AnderWeb New icon and wallpaper thanks to eliot Stocker 3d1b7c9
@boombuler boombuler updated german changelog ecc498c
@boombuler boombuler updated german translation 4527594
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Set default screen cache to auto ca876f6
Jason Shawn updated Traditional Chinese translation 5e14ea9
Jason Shawn updated Simplified Chinese translation 91d0d1f
Commits on Oct 21, 2010
@takuo takuo Update Japanese translation. a88d41d
@Eug89 Eug89 Updated Italian translations: ver.1.2.0 f480c63
Commits on Oct 25, 2010
CfYz Updated Russian translation. 676d056
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix LiveFolders autoclose option not working c5aba29
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Avoid refreshing apps adapter if counter is the same 23fae6d
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix the old old old bug where hiding the statusbar made the whole lau…
…ncher to shift down when scrolling with the trackbal.

Also fixes the "invisible statusbar" hole when expanding the notification bar while the statusbar being hidden.
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix notification counters not displaying on dockbar shirtcuts 1ef244d
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Properly change window properties when changing between static wallpa…
…per/wallpaper hack and lwp/non hack.
Commits on Nov 25, 2010
@boombuler boombuler new feature: edit existing shirtcuts ea7673f
@boombuler boombuler added fling gesture to dockbar 26e7e28
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix LiveFolders autoclose option not working
Avoid refreshing apps adapter if counter is the same

Fix the old old old bug where hiding the statusbar made the whole launcher to shift down when scrolling with the trackbal.
Also fixes the "invisible statusbar" hole when expanding the notification bar while the statusbar being hidden.

Fix notification counters not displaying on dockbar shirtcuts

Properly change window properties when changing between static wallpaper/wallpaper hack and lwp/non hack.

fixed some bugs in the scrollable widget API (r55)

Changed debug info to stay on top of everything

Remove the unnecessary scroll limit in the workspace

Changed the way the wallpaperhack draws the wallpaper
Now we maintaint its position in sync with the wallpapermanager
so there's no wallpaper motion when coming from lockscreen or other transparent apps.
Unfortunately i had to remove the window flag code i've previously introduced, hope it doesn't affect performance...
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Support for different notification bubble colours eb09348
@boombuler boombuler updated german translation 4307358
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Modified the main dock, WARNING, themes will NEED to update.
-Now the app-drawer button is another ActionButton so people can replace it.
-ActionButtons have swipe gestures capabilities
-Changed a few graphics with the AOSP ones and a few new.
-Cleaned up a lot of unused graphics.
-Deletezone can now uninstall widgets too
-A few fixes
@AnderWeb AnderWeb This is a combination of 20 fixes
Fix DeleteZone to actually allow uninstalling widgets...

Don't try to unregister scrollable provider if it's not registered

Allow the counter bubbles to show undefined value

Fix the dockbar height, it was too big

fixed several FCs with old homescreen preview

fixed open cursor while editing shirtcuts

fixed 'wrong icon' for notification launcher action

Fix deletezone startDrag FC cause of uninstalled/failed widgets

Fix opening dockbar while disabled

updated german translation

New LauncherActions icons, courtesy of @davekover

Updated LauncherActions to use the new icons

Updated Russian translation for new variables and version number.

Italian translations: Fixed some errors

Fix #45

ADWLauncher: update french translation

Change-Id: I521a90cd96e194551400af33cd8540a4ffde11a9

Updated French translations

- Various new strings
- Some fixes

Change-Id: I27bb0b64245462473ece70cca41a7f2a4e153e1d

Fix another old bug...

removed unused strings
removed unused style

removed unused drawables
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix packages and my git stupidity 4e2d440
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version Info v1.3.0 8d5d9e4
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Changelog 1.3.0 559aee2
@AnderWeb AnderWeb German changelog and fixed typos 0757ff7
@AnderWeb AnderWeb small typo (yes, again) 90ea398
Commits on Nov 26, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix workspace to not overscroll of desktop overshoot is set to zero 01c3357
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix desktop indicattor disappearing d89289b
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Nasty fix for the horizontal drawer acting weird while loading the ap…
…ps list. This bitch needs a rewrite from scratch
Jason Shaw update Simplified Chinese e3a7f61
Jason Shaw update Traditional Chinese a456aa4
@takuo takuo Update Japanese translation. da87bf9
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info 1.3.1 and missing system string 0d913b9
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix some FCs 76e2c29
Jason Shaw little fix 56dc50d
Jason Shaw Chinese arrays 41bd632
Jason Shaw Chinese arrays b41bc3a
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fixed untranslatable string 6054b23
Commits on Nov 27, 2010
@Eug89 Eug89 Updated Italian translations:v1.3 a9c6818
Jason Shaw Fixed missing string 721aaba
Jason Shaw Fixed missing string 28795ac
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Properly Closes #45 b30cdff
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Few FC fixes from market dev console logs cecfc91
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info v1.3.2
and removed a wrong translation russian translation for Launcher Actions misleading users
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Korean Translation Version of ADW.Launcher
Version 1
Translated by MinSik CHO, currently attending CheongShim International Academy.
Please report translation errors to my email (
Commits on Nov 28, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fixed korean translation encoding f1e5ed6
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info v1.3.3 0726a2e
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Bring back the old icon tinting for the main dock, with an added opti…
…on to choose color.
Commits on Nov 29, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Added a config param for the wallpaper scrolling 152ed30
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Small fixes for default/config values 7f69605
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Another typo fix 4f845ac
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Dynamic app drawer paddings depending on main dock size c8ac803
@takuo takuo Update Japanese translation. ab6479f
Jason Shaw Chinese translation fb8db7e
Jason Shaw Chinese translation 7f492e3
Commits on Nov 30, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix the main dock auto appearing after preferences change 5b7d9d6
Commits on Dec 22, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb This is a combination of 21 commits
Patch to allow  DeleteZone resize the current desktop instead of showing up over it.

Cause of previously moving the Deletezone over the top of the screen we created a little problem:
sometimes it's hard to move items to the top desktop row.

So this patch just resizes the whole desktop screen when the DeleteZone shows.
Please test it and watch for possible caveats before merging it...

Fix widget resize handler when shrinking the screen with the deletezone

Quick actions for desktop items
Thanks to

New option to choose the Deletezone position (Top/Bottom/none)
If the users choose "none" they can remove desktop items by the quickactions

Fix the dockbar padding when deletezone is at the bottom and minor coding fix

Added Launcher Actions to main ADD menu

Fix the edited shirtcuts for loosing their modified labels

Properly load the iconresource when editing shirtcuts or we'll loose the icon on restart

removed 'scrollable widgets' option

New fix for proper reloading icons for apps/shortcuts stored in SD (froyo)

Fixed FC while removing just uninstalled widgets

Show the quickactions on startdrag

More Deletezone options

Fix the dockbar flashing on orientation change when disabled

New option to choose if the app drawer remains open when longpressing icons while the dockbar is open.

Moved the trash can on top of everything

Remove the VM Heap size tweak for gingerbread compatibility

Fix folder icons not appearing on the ActionButtons

Items can now be draged from the action buttons

fixed 2 issues with drag from ABs

Updated Korean translation
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Quickactions svn cleanup 7f27da2
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version Info v1.3.5 3f72386
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Removed german changelot until next update 5581112
Commits on Dec 23, 2010
@AnderWeb AnderWeb A few fixes from the market dev console logs 06e2319
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Fix nasty ClassCastException bug with *some* phones.... 2560ae2
@AnderWeb AnderWeb New option to lock desktop from longpressing items f0f07b4
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Remove version info from korean translation... f958512
@AnderWeb AnderWeb Version info v1.3.6 (plus minor typo fix) :P f90c384
Commits on Dec 27, 2010
@boombuler boombuler fixed possible FC 3e80902
Commits on Dec 28, 2010
@cyanogen cyanogen adw: Add LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS 82be959
@cyanogen cyanogen Fixed Russian translation
Change-Id: If77b8b1c8571eba4039cc8abf7ef9216d15a5e19
@pellix pellix Catalan translation added
Change-Id: I9017be0f67a474517d11b03d15edf353e17fa506
@sgala sgala Typo (Colro->Color), and shorter but more descriptive translation
Change-Id: Id45786849da426c764fcd3dc7090a05c728ac4ae
Signed-off-by: git <>
@cyanogen cyanogen adw: Remove deprecated translations
Change-Id: I971938798a8677dbbe4c8256344c316adc020efc
Commits on Jan 07, 2011
@cyanogen cyanogen adw: Don't run in acore by default
Launcher should only run in acore on low-memory devices.

Change-Id: Ieaa0ba4486a5b164e88f3f91ce7fb1a222a5068d
Commits on Jan 18, 2011
@wesgarner wesgarner ADW: Get that button the hell out of my way
Also known as swap Lock Desktop / Settings button (makes more sense plus is what users are used to)

Change-Id: I2344f6b3627f78f144c3ec8a9dc09df86e4d9f0c
Commits on Jan 19, 2011
@ladios ladios Traditional Chinese: translation update
Change-Id: I998ad2e17eb44a5e83727e486e006fc05a4800cd
Commits on Jan 20, 2011
@nylen nylen ADW: Change 'Lock Desktop' icon
Having 2 menu options with the same icon looks dumb.

Change-Id: Ia2132efdf687a0d11f458d316df1560a138fbcad
Commits on Jan 22, 2011
@thiasB thiasB German: added and updated translations
standard formating
Commits on Jan 26, 2011
cedbo French translation
Change-Id: If56779182d41dd4aad690305df425179442b0027
Commits on Jan 28, 2011
@Eug89 Eug89 Updated italian translations 6bfda8f
Commits on Feb 19, 2011
@takuo takuo Update Japanese translation
 - cherry-picked

Change-Id: Ica8a46ba327472f60967a53b09c2c2a46cfca316
Commits on Feb 26, 2011
@Dillinjer Dillinjer Added missing PT-BR translations
Change-Id: Iac7b2bb2e36219ffc7997568f07bae7768c5bce3
@evgenln evgenln Add Ukrainian translation
Signed-off-by: evgenln <>
Commits on Mar 02, 2011
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Add Ukrainian translation" into gingerbread 87b84de
Commits on Mar 05, 2011
@Dillinjer Dillinjer PT-BR: added missing translations
Change-Id: I918f02d1dc81d9543f65cc957a9707bdedf9a59c
Commits on Mar 13, 2011
@nomego nomego Updated Swedish translations
Change-Id: Ide3f1baf7cc74343c165dfbfb32371542588b0ff
Commits on Mar 19, 2011
Van Etten ADW.Launcher QuickActionWindow Changes
* Replace uninstall with Application Info as it has an uninstall button plus other great app details
* Added Market so user can find app on the Market
* Added Edit on folder to make it easy to rename them

Change-Id: If788e06e517326ba3b3cdd0bb214728867b26762
Commits on Mar 21, 2011
@dfgweb dfgweb Added French translation for menu_lock/menu_unlock.
Change-Id: I5f29c8dc01c8a3e2c955d6e22bffef79b27147f8
Commits on Mar 23, 2011
@KalimochoAz KalimochoAz Spanish translation update ( By Chuckycrx )
Change-Id: I95abbd810b783e0444ac682e6e961fc9caf444f5
Commits on Mar 24, 2011
@kmobs kmobs Merge "ADW.Launcher QuickActionWindow Changes * Replace uninstall wit…
…h Application Info as it has an uninstall button plus other great app details * Added Market so user can find app on the Market * Added Edit on folder to make it easy to rename them" into gingerbread
Commits on Apr 05, 2011
Abaakouk Mehdi Pass to global search text entered on a workspace with physical keyboard
Change-Id: Iba80413076305f428275b4a5d64a5e0c44ad8df4