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A file manager for CyanogenMod

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Fix there are no folders in NavigationView Pinned file manager


1.Go to Settings -> Security ->Screen pinning and Open the screen pinning.
2.Go to FileManager and Callout the Recents Task.
3.Press the screen pinning button and lock the CMFileManager screen.
4.Press back key sometimes when the scren pinning toast show.
5.Open DrawerLayout and Press the Internal storage
6.Press the All to enter NavigationView.

There are no folders in NavigationView.

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(cherry picked from commit b1bac2d)
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kai.cao authored Stephen Bird committed

CyanogenMod File Manager

A file manager for AOSP, focused on rooted devices and specially designed for the CyanogenMod Project.

This source was released under the terms of Apache 2.0 license.

Visit CyanogenMod Github and CyanogenMod Code Review to get the source and patches.

This application uses also third party libraries. Checkout the individual license of every library in libs folder.

Copyright © 2012 The CyanogenMod Project

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