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A file manager for CyanogenMod
Java Makefile
Pull request Compare This branch is 698 commits ahead, 45 commits behind jruesga:master.
Latest commit 70addac Jun 22, 2016 Keith Mok committed with Gerrit Code Review Fix no icon for 3GP files
Commit 6f6094d does not
do what it said. It said
"   We are now defaulting to treating 3GP files as video files for
    determining the default icon as it was parsing the video files for
    their metadata which was causing ANR problems."
However it returns no icon for 3GP.
Fix it to do what it said in that commit.

FEIJ-202 FEIJ-1347

Change-Id: Ieb57583316594c0308792ff8b43aadf1b15d74a5

CyanogenMod File Manager

A file manager for AOSP, focused on rooted devices and specially designed for the CyanogenMod Project.

This source was released under the terms of Apache 2.0 license.

Visit CyanogenMod Github and CyanogenMod Code Review to get the source and patches.

This application uses also third party libraries. Checkout the individual license of every library in libs folder.

Copyright © 2012 The CyanogenMod Project

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