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Nexus One Torch - Modified for CyanogenMod
Latest commit 450b3bd Jan 16, 2014 @Flamefire Flamefire Fix crash of torch app
A hard to track bug occurs when using the torch:
The local variable surfaceTexture gets collected by GC causing it
to free the underlying buffer.
The next access to this buffer crashes with an SIGSEGV after an
assertion failure (BufferQueue already abandoned)

NOTE: The native camera object may possibly hold that reference so
it does not get GC'ed

Change-Id: Ib39d55ffb379ed16a0b94915c1b727e8ddc7f180
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res Torch: Do not hard code crespo as not having high brightness. Dec 6, 2013
.gitignore Initial import of CM version of Nexus One Torch. Aug 9, 2010
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