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Android System Core (CM)
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Pull request Compare This branch is 9905 commits ahead, 58 commits behind koush:eclair.
Latest commit 323bb81 @rmcc rmcc Merge tag 'android-5.1.1_r26' into cm-12.1
Android 5.1.1 release 26
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adb Add Wileyfox VID part 2
adf libadf: silence false positive warning
auditd Add sample audit.rules file.
cpio cpio: Turn on -Werror
debuggerd Provide better advice on using gdb with debuggerd on crashed applicat…
fastboot fastboot: format f2fs partition instead of just erase
fastbootd Judge mmap failed by MAP_FAILED instead of NULL
fs_mgr fs_mgr: When formating f2fs volumes, respect the length parameter
gpttool gpttool: turn on -Werror
healthd healthd: Turn screen off before rebooting
include cutils: Remove ioprio magic
init bootchart: call 'bootchart_init' after remount_all is done
libbacktrace Convert futex to cond wait.
libcutils cutils: Remove ioprio magic
libdiskconfig core: Add some static libraries
libion libion: Turn on -Werror
liblog Revert "Add HTC Logging functions to support newer HTC props."
libmemtrack system/core 64-bit cleanup.
libmincrypt Add libminshacrypt static lib
libnativebridge Fix mac build
libnetutils Don't use global variable in libnetutils.
libpixelflinger libutils: Fix integer overflows in VectorImpl.
libprocessgroup Fix issue #18000467: processgroup truncates buffer
libsparse am d4d0963: am db32e78: am a2b03c4: Merge "libsparse: turn on -Werror"
libsuspend am 1291df7: am c5fa4b1: am 065c270: Merge "libsuspend: Turn on -Werror"
libsync Add gtest conformance tests for libsync. Not complete yet, but substa…
libsysutils sysutils: Hush logging
libusbhost libusbhost: Skip /dev inotify if /dev/bus/usb already exists
libutils Merge tag 'android-5.1.1_r26' into cm-12.1
libziparchive Fix toolchain issue for windows build of libziparchive.
libzipfile Build host with multilib both enabled.
lmkd lmkd: kill a process if zoneinfo can't be read
logcat ADB Logcat colored output.
logd Merge tag 'android-5.1.0_r1' into HEAD
logwrapper Fix "ptsname is not thread-safe; use ptsname_r instead" build break.
mkbootimg Forward-port mkbootimg / unpackbootimg support
netcfg Cleanup: Delete dead code.
reboot reboot: Turn on -Werror
rootdir init.rc: drop world writable on cgroups to pass cts
run-as run-as: build 1161573 failure
sdcard sdcard: Properly handle deleted nodes
toolbox Merge tag 'android-5.1.0_r1' into HEAD
.gitignore eclair snapshot Remove the simulator target from all makefiles. add cleanspec for lmkd
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE Fix omission in NOTICE file.
README auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
ThirdPartyProject.prop add meta-files about 3rd party projects


The system/ directory is intended for pieces of the world that are the
core of the embedded linux platform at the heart of Android.  These
essential bits are required for basic booting, operation, and debugging.

They should not depend on libraries outside of system/... (some of them
do currently -- they need to be updated or changed) and they should not
be required for the simulator build.

The license for all these pieces should be clean (Apache2, BSD, or MIT).

Currently system/bluetooth/... and system/extra/... have some pieces
with GPL/LGPL licensed code.

Assorted Issues:

- pppd depends on libutils for logging
- pppd depends on libcrypt/libcrypto
- init, linker, debuggerd, toolbox, usbd depend on libcutils
- should probably rename bionic to libc
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