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Fix invalid APN line for Bouyges Telecom.

An MMS APN is expected to have MMSC set.

Change-Id: I4c742042dc211914c50065aab0ae1e5100a6b672
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1 parent c0fbe43 commit 3820b96a944052080d7b92af3dc7ef23b049f17a @maniac103 maniac103 committed Sep 14, 2012
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  1. +1 −1 prebuilt/common/etc/apns-conf.xml
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
<apn carrier="NRJ Mobile FR MMS" mcc="208" mnc="10" apn="mmsnrj" mmsproxy="" mmsport="8080" mmsc="http://mmsnrj" type="mms" />
<apn carrier="Free Mobile" mcc="208" mnc="15" apn="free" type="default,supl" />
<apn carrier="Free Mobile MMS" mcc="208" mnc="15" apn="mmsfree" mmsc="" type="mms" />
- <apn carrier="Bouygues Pro" mcc="208" mnc="20" apn="" type="default,supl,mms" />
+ <apn carrier="Bouygues Pro" mcc="208" mnc="20" apn="" type="default,supl" />
<apn carrier="Bouygues WEB" mcc="208" mnc="20" apn="" server="*" type="default,supl" />
<apn carrier="Bouygues Telecom" mcc="208" mnc="20" apn="" mmsc="" mmsproxy="" mmsport="8080" type="default,supl,mms" />
<apn carrier="Bouygues MMS" mcc="208" mnc="20" apn="" server="*" mmsc="" mmsproxy="" mmsport="8080" type="mms" />

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