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Host-based card emulation.

Initial check-in that allows to build basic HCE apps:
- Introduced new RoutingManager, taking care of programming
  the routing table to the NFCC.
- Added DeviceHost interfaces for adding/removing aids to
  the routing table, and sending raw frames.
- On devices that have an eSE, the eSE is the default route.
- Removed routing code from SecureElement class.
- HostEmulationManager resolves and dispatches AIDs
  routed to the host to an application service.
- Simple Messenger service interface for exchanging APDUs.
- RegisteredAidCache keeps a cache of AIDs that are registered
  by Android applications, as well as their route.

- Dynamic registration of AIDs.
- Dynamic updates of the routing table.
- AID conflict resolution.
- Allow apps to indicate AIDs present "off-host".
- Implement base-class HCE service in framework.
- Switch default route to host.

Change-Id: I7d7643770fcc848699810ec5443d0d9b81d85669
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Martijn Coenen
Martijn Coenen committed Apr 30, 2013
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