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Discontinue CM7 automated builds

We've only been building translations for 3 months now, time to
give it a rest
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rmcc committed Mar 9, 2013
1 parent 894a39e commit 10e0e44eeeda1fe6af5a46307e7c87cb68f6fc16
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  1. +0 −50 cm-build-targets
@@ -3,19 +3,11 @@
# Absence of a period indicates Daily (the default)
cm_a700-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_ace-eng gingerbread M
cm_anzu-userdebug jellybean W
cm_aoba-userdebug ics W
-cyanogen_blade-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_bravo-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_bravoc-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_buzz-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_c660-eng gingerbread M
cm_c800-userdebug ics W
cm_captivatemtd-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_click-eng gingerbread M
cm_coconut-userdebug jellybean W
-cyanogen_cooper-eng gingerbread M
cm_crespo-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_crespo4g-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_d2att-userdebug cm-10.1
@@ -25,65 +17,48 @@ cm_d2spr-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_d2tmo-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_d2usc-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_d2vzw-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_desirec-eng gingerbread M
cm_doubleshot-userdebug ics W
-cyanogen_droid2-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_droid2we-eng gingerbread M
cm_e400-userdebug ics W
-cyanogen_e510-eng gingerbread M
cm_e610-userdebug jellybean W
-cyanogen_e720-eng gingerbread M
cm_e730-userdebug ics W
cm_e739-userdebug ics W
cm_encore-userdebug jellybean W
cm_endeavoru-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_epicmtd-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_espresso-eng gingerbread M
cm_everest-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_evita-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_fascinatemtd-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_fireball-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_galaxysbmtd-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_galaxysmtd-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_glacier-eng gingerbread M
cm_grouper-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_haida-userdebug jellybean W
cm_hallon-userdebug jellybean W
cm_hercules-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_holiday-userdebug jellybean W
-cyanogen_hero-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_heroc-eng gingerbread M
cm_hikari-userdebug ics W
cm_i605-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_i777-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_i9100-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_i9100g-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_i9103-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_i9300-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_inc-eng gingerbread M
cm_iyokan-userdebug jellybean W
cm_jewel-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_l900-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_jordan-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_jordan_plus-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_legend-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_liberty-eng gingerbread M
cm_maguro-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_mako-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_mango-userdebug jellybean W
cm_manta-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_maserati-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_mesmerizemtd-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_mint-userdebug jellybean W
-cyanogen_morrison-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_motus-eng gingerbread M
cm_n7000-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_n7100-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_n8000-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_n8013-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_nozomi-userdebug ics W
cm_odroidu2-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_olympus-eng gingerbread M
cm_otter-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_otter2-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p1c-userdebug jellybean W
@@ -97,8 +72,6 @@ cm_p4-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p4tmo-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p4vzw-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p4wifi-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_p350-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_p500-eng gingerbread M
cm_p5100-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p5110-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p5-userdebug ics W
@@ -109,35 +82,22 @@ cm_p920-userdebug jellybean W
cm_p930-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p970-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p990-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_p999-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_passion-eng gingerbread M
cm_pyramid-userdebug jellybean W
cm_quincyatt-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_quincytmo-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_ruby-userdebug jellybean W
-cyanogen_s5670-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_saga-eng gingerbread M
cm_satsuma-userdebug jellybean W
-cyanogen_shadow-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_sholes-eng gingerbread M
cm_shooteru-userdebug ics W
-cyanogen_showcasemtd-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_skate-eng gingerbread M
cm_skyrocket-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_smb_a1002-eng gingerbread M
cm_smultron-userdebug jellybean W
cm_solana-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_speedy-eng gingerbread M
cm_spyder-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_steelhead-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_stingray-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_su640-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_sunfire-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_supersonic-eng gingerbread M
cm_t0lte-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_t769-userdebug jellybean W
cm_targa-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_tass-eng gingerbread M
cm_tenderloin-userdebug ics W
cm_tf101-userdebug jellybean W
cm_tf201-userdebug jellybean W
@@ -146,21 +106,11 @@ cm_tf700t-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_tilapia-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_toroplus-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_toro-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_u8150-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_u8160-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_u8220-eng gingerbread M
cm_umts_spyder-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_urushi-userdebug jellybean W
-cyanogen_v9-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_vega-eng gingerbread M
cm_vibrantmtd-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_ville-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_vision-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_vivo-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_vivow-eng gingerbread M
cm_vs920-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_wingray-userdebug cm-10.1
-cyanogen_zeppelin-eng gingerbread M
-cyanogen_zero-eng gingerbread M
cm_zeus-userdebug ics W
cm_zeusc-userdebug ics W

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jefer94 Mar 10, 2013

agree cyanogen_p350-eng gingerbread M

agree cyanogen_p350-eng gingerbread M

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