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Merge pull request #59 from pershoot/master

cm-daily: switch p4wifi, p4vzw, p4tmo, p4 and p3 to cm-10.1
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2 parents a6d2131 + 48cfaa1 commit e40afd08e2fab7c728bbe76be4ab5e826ad4940c @rmcc rmcc committed Dec 30, 2012
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  1. +5 −5 cm-daily-build-targets
@@ -43,13 +43,13 @@ cm_p1c-userdebug jellybean
cm_p1l-userdebug jellybean
cm_p1n-userdebug jellybean
cm_p1-userdebug jellybean
-cm_p3-userdebug jellybean
+cm_p3-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p3100-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p3110-userdebug cm-10.1
-cm_p4-userdebug jellybean
-cm_p4tmo-userdebug jellybean
-cm_p4vzw-userdebug jellybean
-cm_p4wifi-userdebug jellybean
+cm_p4-userdebug cm-10.1
+cm_p4tmo-userdebug cm-10.1
+cm_p4vzw-userdebug cm-10.1
+cm_p4wifi-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p5100-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p5110-userdebug cm-10.1
cm_p720-userdebug jellybean

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