Commits on May 9, 2013
  1. bluesleep: bump TX_TIMER_INTERVAL to 10 seconds

    tdm committed with rmcc May 9, 2013
    This allows bluedroid to use LPM without crashing.
    Change-Id: If48bb2c166d0fe90eb852f85b538cc1be45844c4
Commits on Mar 29, 2013
  1. Reduce logspam.

    tdm committed Mar 29, 2013
Commits on Feb 28, 2013
  1. usb: android: lge: Enable RNDIS instead of ECM.

    tdm committed with rmcc Feb 19, 2013
    Vendor code uses ECM but this is not supported in the AOSP framework.
    Disassociate USB_G_LGE_ANDROID from ECM/RNDIS and make ECM a separate
    config option, USB_G_LGE_ECM (disabled by default).
    Change-Id: I3c0e56ebd0d5ebc8b9b0b58f19108d23fe211ed3
Commits on Feb 19, 2013
  1. Initial bringup for i_vzw (vs920).

    tdm committed Feb 19, 2013
    Fixup lge/lge_board/i_vzw to compile and run.
    Merge cm-10.1 changes into lge/lge_board/i_vzw.
    Tweak BCM4330 B1 init sequence for i_vzw.
    Add initial cyanogenmod config.
Commits on Feb 6, 2013
  1. Do not allow multiple gpio refs in configure_*_gpios().

    tdm committed with rmcc Jan 21, 2013
    bluetooth_platform_data.bluetooth_power() is called for every write to the
    bluetooth rfkill sys file, which in turn results in an arbitrary number of
    calls to configure_*_gpios().  The gpiomux objects are reference counted,
    so we cannot allow arbitrary gets and puts.
    Fix this by only allowing one gpiomux reference in configure_*_gpios().
    Change-Id: I650c28825cc1195a1b5353c9aee2ca2d9e15ec5d
  2. Fix crash when bluetooth is turned off while connecting.

    tdm committed with rmcc Jan 14, 2013
    When msm_gpiomux_get() fails, do not attempt to msm_gpiomux_put() on the
    failing index.
Commits on Sep 20, 2010
  1. tcp: Fix race in tcp_poll

    tdm committed with davem330 Sep 20, 2010
    If a RST comes in immediately after checking sk->sk_err, tcp_poll will
    return POLLIN but not POLLOUT.  Fix this by checking sk->sk_err at the end
    of tcp_poll.  Additionally, ensure the correct order of operations on SMP
    machines with memory barriers.
    Signed-off-by: Tom Marshall <>
    Signed-off-by: Eric Dumazet <>
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>