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Open-source and open-data game analytics
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RedMetrics offers open source game analytics. It is made up of a RESTful web service and a web app that allows teachers and researchers to track game metrics, then download the raw data for offline analysis. Limited support for groups is also available.

Check it out at

To use it for your game, check out the RESTful web service API. If your game works in Unity, check out RedMetrics-Unity. If your game runs in a browser, you can use RedMetrics.js to connect it.

We take privacy seriously! You may not use RedMetrics to store personally identifiable information about users, such as email address or full names. Please see the RedMetrics Privacy Policy for more information.


  • Game metrics
    • Time played, levels, progression
    • Replay (drill-down)
    • Export raw metrics data for download
  • Player information
    • Stores information about players
    • Associates players with anonymous IDs
    • Does not handle login or registration - each game is responsable for those functions


RedMetrics runs on Linux and Mac OSX.

First :

  • Make sure you have a Java 8 SDK installed
  • Install postgresql
  • create a postgresql role
  • create a database
  • run "CREATE EXTENSION ltree;" as a superuser on the database OR psql yourdb < ltree.sql

Getting started...

####...with IntelliJ

Checkout project using GitHub tool in IntelliJ

Set language level to Java 8.0

File > Project Structure
Project language level > select "8.0 - Lambdas..."

Install Lombok plugin

File > Settings > Plugins > Browse Repositories
Type "lombok" in search bar
Install and restart IDE

...with NetBeans

Install NetBeans IDE 8.0

Checkout project using Git tool in NetBeans :

Team > git > clone
Use this URL :
Enter name and password (check remember password if you want)
choose the branche to clone

Set language level to Java 8.0

File > Project Properties > sources
Set source/binary format to 1.8


To deploy, simply create a packaged JAR file that contains all the dependencies, and upload it onto your server.

In the command line, use mvn package (or mvn package -Dmaven.test.skip=true to skip the unit tests). The packaged JAR is in the target directory, called redmetrics-0.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar.


You need to create the RedMetrics config file redmetrics.conf in /etc/redmetrics.conf or in ./redmetrics.conf. You can use the example given with the project : ExampleFile

Database related config

  • databaseURL is the psql database URL
  • dbusername is the username you choose for the psql database
  • dbassword is the password you choose for the psql database

RedMetrics related config

  • listenPort will be the port used by RedMetrics for listening

Starting the server

To start RedMetrics, launch it with Java. We recommend using a daemon on Linux to start, stop, restart and check the status of RedMetrics.

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