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Create and modify games using simple concepts.
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A tool for creating, sharing, and modifing online games using simple concepts. Try it online at (best used with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for the time being).

Inspired by both Rich Hickey's notions of simplicity and Bret Victor's ideas on understanding programming, the goal of the project is to let people take other's games and easily modify them, or take several games and recombine them in novel ways. In order to do so, games must be written as a set of "atoms" that can be moved, copied, and forked with minimum refactoring hassle.

Currently under development in pre-alpha phase.


The project is looking for contributors: though testing, bug reports, and pull requests.

In terms of development, we follow Beck's Directive:

  1. Make it work
  2. Make it right
  3. Make it fast

Testing it

You can play with RedWire at The Tutorial will take you through the basics of how it works.

Getting Started

To get the application up and running, check our Getting Started Page


Feel free to check these out:


Covered under the MIT open source license. All included libraries (see Dependencies) are covered under their own open source licenses.

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