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An open source repository for GenieCancerHelp mobile application for Android devices.
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GenieCanHelp is a free and non-profitable app designed to support and empower patients along their cancer journey. GenieCanHelp is a refreshing change from apps that offer clinical resources and medical information. GenieCanHelp is created as a useful app to support patients wellbeing and help them manage their routine. An easy-to-use app that will reduce unnecessary stress during stressful times. This app helps manage personal information, appointments, contacts, notes, medicines, mood, body temprature, fluid intake, oxygen level and lists.

Table of contents

General info

You can download this app from @GenieCanHelp website. This folder contains the source code of GenieCanHelp Android Mobile application. If you want to contribute to this app visit @Contribution Guide.


Example screenshot


  • Targeted for sdk version 26


Clone or Download GenieCanHelp source code and developers need to open this project in Android Studio.


List of existing features. You can find details of every feature @Functional Specification document

  • keep personal information
  • Add or remove features from the main menu
  • keep contacts
  • Manage Appointments with reminders
  • Manage Medications with reminders
  • Mood tracker
  • Body temprature record
  • Keep notes
  • Keep lists
  • Oxygen level
  • Fluid intake
  • Useful links
  • Create PDF reports
  • Email reports

To-do list:

  • Sleep tracker
  • Blood pressure record
  • Finding nearest toilets
  • Finding nearest playgrounds
  • Audio dairy
  • Ability to audio record doctor's appointment
  • Ability to add or capture photo of medicine in medicine record


This project was initiated to help patients in their difficult time. Focus of this app is the wellbeing of people dealing with cancer. I would like to thank GenieCanHelp team for putting many many hours of volunteer work in this project!


Created by @CyberGenieSolutions

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