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Discord Bot made with Nodejs using dicksword.js (my own lib). It has Jisho, anime, kanji lookups as well as other fun stuff!
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HawkBot recently got a web portal! Web Portal


Shoutout to Frosthaven for the overall idea of the layout and a few functions from utility as well as the memory command! :)
Shoutout to izy for making and being awesome to talk to.
Shoutout to Minemidnight for pointing me in the right direction for the web portal


Name Alias Usage Description
Anime an <anime <name of anime>, <anime <name of anime> --list Gets information on an anime, or a list of anime related to the search.
Avatar a <avatar, <avatar> <mention> Gets the avatar of the user, or someone that is mentioned.
Cat c, neko, 猫 <cat Gets a random cat picture or gif.
Dog d, inu, 犬 <dog Gets a random dog picture or gif.
Invite i <invite Gets the invite URL for HawkBot to add it to a server.
ISBN book <isbn <book title/isbn>, <isbn <book title/isbn> --list Gets information on a book based on the ISBN or book title. It can also return a list of books based on the ISBN or book title.
Jisho j <jisho <word/phrase>, <jisho <word/phrase> --list Will get information on a word or phrase from Jisho directly. If you want to see a listing of readings/words use --list.
Kanji k <kanji <a kanji> Gets information about a kanji.
Server Info si <serverinfo Gets information about the current server.
Source so <source Gets the link for HawkBot's source.
Stats s <stats Gets statistics on HawkBot as well as some general info.
Time t <time, <time <timezone abbreviation> Gets the current time in either GMT or a specific timezone.
User Info ui <userinfo, <userinfo <mention> Gets information about the person who uses the command, or the person that is mentioned.
Help ? <help Brings up the help menu that has information based on this table.
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