Tools to measure and visualize performance of building D programs
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Measure and visualize per-module build times of D projects.


  1. Download the project code, including submodules:

     git clone --recursive
  2. Run dbuildstat to gather profile data, e.g.:

     rdmd dbuildstat program.d

    If needed, pass any necessary compiler switches (e.g. include paths) to dbuildstat before the program name.

    By default, dbuildstat will keep gathering samples forever. Stop the program to cancel any time, or use the --iterations switch to limit to a set number of iterations.

    For more usage information, run the program without any parameters.

  3. dbuildstat will create a program.dbuildstat file. You can use this as input for the other programs:

    • printtimes will simply print gathered times as text to standard output.
    • makedot will make a Graphviz Dot file containing the module dependencies.
    • makesvg will create a SVG chart of the measured build times of each module.