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DFeed is:

  • an NNTP client
  • a mailing list archive
  • a forum-like web interface
  • an ATOM aggregator
  • an IRC bot

DFeed is running on and the #d channel on FreeNode.

Quick start guide:

git clone --recursive
cd DFeed
echo "host =" > config/sources/nntp/digitalmars.ini
echo "listen.port = 8080" > config/web.ini
./rebuild # or: dub build

On first start, DFeed will download messages from the NNTP server and save them in the DB. This will need to be done once. If you don't want to download the entire archive, stop DFeed at any time and delete the digitalmars.ini configuration file.

After starting dfeed, you should be able to access the web interface at http://localhost:8080/.