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1 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "">
2 <html xmlns="">
3 <head>
4 <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
5 <title>Ditto clipboard extender</title>
6 <meta name="keywords" content="" />
7 <meta name="description" content="" />
8 <link href="default.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
9 <?php $focusTab = "History"; Include("header.php");?>
10 </head>
12 <body>
14 <div id="page">
15 <div id="content">
17 <a name="Change History"></a>
16e93dc web site updates when release
sabrogden authored
19 <div class="post">
20 <h1 class="title"> 12-23-10</h1>
21 <div class="entry">
22 <ul>
23 <li>Removed named paste, named paste items can be searched by entering /q text</li>
24 <li>Added add-in to set/remove read only flag on clip containing cf_hdrop items or just text of file names</li>
25 <li>Added add-in to remove all line feeds then paste the clip</li>
26 <li>Fixed issue with ditto taking focus back, happened when always on-top was selected</li>
27 <li>Reverted to previous method for setting the focus</li>
28 <li>Fixed issue where 'v' was pasted instead of the actual clip</li>
29 <li>Changed default method for tracking focus to polling</li>
30 <li>Sped up clip deletes, delete of the large clipboard data now happens in the background</li>
31 <li>Sped up filling of the list, only items in view are loaded</li>
32 <li>Save connected to the clipboard state to config settings</li>
33 <li>Search full cf_unicode clip data with /f in the search text ex) /f text</li>
34 <li>Include correct version of mfc and c++ runtime files</li>
35 <li>Removed auto update feature</li>
36 </ul>
37 </div>
38 <div class="meta">
39 <p class="byline"><a href="changeHistory.php" class="more">Full Change History</a></p>
40 </div>
41 </div>
6eb41ea latest web site files
sabrogden authored
43 <div class="post">
44 <h1 class="title"> 08-16-09</h1>
45 <div class="entry">
46 <ul>
47 <li>Added DittoUtil Addin, adds the ability to paste any clip type as text</li>
48 <li>Fixed SetFocus fix in ActivateTarget -- needed AttachThreadInput</li>
49 <li>Added the ability to create add-ins, called before an item is pasted</li>
50 <li>Fixed issue with getting the currently focused window when not using the hook dll</li>
51 <li>Updated italiano language file</li>
52 <li>Added option to paste from hot key, press multiple times to move the selection, release the modifer key (control, shift, alt) to paste</li>
53 <li>Fixed word wrap option to reload correctly</li>
54 <li>Fixed issues with loading cut copy buffer 3 correctly from config on restart</li>
55 <li>Check if key is up before sending key up command. This was causing problems if an app is listening to global key up commands</li>
56 <li>Updated to sqlite version 3.16.10</li>
57 </ul>
58 </div>
59 <div class="meta">
60 <p class="byline"><a href="changeHistory.php" class="more">Full Change History</a></p>
61 </div>
62 </div>
64 <div class="post">
65 <h1 class="title"> 03-23-098</h1>
66 <div class="entry">
67 <ul>
68 <li>Fixed SetFocus fix in ActivateTarget -- needed AttachThreadInput -- wait for window to gain focus</li>
69 <li>Added the ability to create add-ins, called before an item is pasted</li>
70 <li>Fixed issue with getting the currently focused window when not using the hook dll</li>
71 <li>Updated italiano language file</li>
72 <li>Added option to paste from hot key, press multiple times to move the selection, release the modifer key (control, shift, alt) to paste</li>
73 <li>Fixed word wrap option to reload correctly</li>
74 <li>Fixed issues with loading cut copy buffer 3 correctly from config on restart</li>
75 <li>Check if key is up before sending key up command. This was causing problems if an app is listening to global key up commands</li>
76 <li>Updated to sqlite version 3.16.10</li>
77 </ul>
78 </div>
79 <div class="meta">
80 <p class="byline"><a href="changeHistory.php" class="more">Full Change History</a></p>
81 </div>
82 </div>
19b5ef5 added new files for new website
sabrogden authored
84 <div class="post">
85 <h1 class="title"> 01-16-08</h1>
86 <div class="entry">
87 <ul>
88 <li>Fixed empty directory from being created in application data in stand alone version</li>
89 <li>Added themes (</li>
90 <li>Updated to latest sqlite db version</li>
91 <li>When creating a new db auto vacuum is set. Or when doing a compact and repair.</li>
92 </ul>
93 </div>
94 </div>
96 <div class="post">
97 <h1 class="title"> 8-19-07</h1>
98 <div class="entry">
99 <ul>
100 <li>Custom Key strokes per application (</li>
101 <li>Added option to hide friends, via registry setting only (</li>
102 <li>Change some default values on new installs, limit copies to 500, disable friends, show at caret</li>
103 <li>Save word wrap option</li>
104 <li>Editor hot keys, added keys for undo, redo, wrap, bold, underline</li>
105 </ul>
106 </div>
107 </div>
109 <div class="post">
110 <h1 class="title"> 2-18-06</h1>
111 <div class="entry">
112 <ul>
113 <li>Added new feature, "Ditto copy buffers" Options - Copy buffers. Can assign short cut keys for extra copy buffers. These copy buffers work just like Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Things can be copied and pasted without affecting the standard clipboard data.</li>
114 <li>Updated to latest sqlite db version. This fixed the problem with foreign characters in the current user's name.</li>
115 <li>Added CF_HDROP (copied files), Rich Text, Html Format to multi-paste support. (will group those types on multi-paste)</li>
116 <li>Added option for what separater is put between multi-pasted clips. (Options - General)</li>
117 <li>Added "Word Wrap" setting in clip editor</li>
118 <li>When searching in a group only search the clips in that group.</li>
119 <li>Hide apply button in options. The button didn't do anything.</li>
120 <li>Don't underline the character following an ampersand(&) when displaying clip text.</li>
121 </ul>
122 </div>
123 </div>
125 <div class="post">
126 <h1 class="title"> 8-03-06</h1>
127 <div class="entry">
128 <ul>
129 <li>Fixed issue that could cause Ditto to not disconnect from the clipboard</li>
130 </ul>
131 </div>
132 </div>
134 <div class="post">
135 <h1 class="title"> 7-27-06</h1>
136 <div class="entry">
137 <ul>
138 <li>Added the command line parameters "-disconnect" and "-connect" to control if ditto is connected to the clipboard or not</li>
139 <li>Added option to output debug strings(F5) to file(Ctrl-F5) or debugview.exe (F5/Ctrl - F5 in quick paste window)</li>
140 <li>Fixed error that caused some foreign characters as line feeds in Ditto</li>
141 </ul>
142 </div>
143 </div>
145 <div class="post">
146 <h1 class="title"> 6-06-06</h1>
147 <div class="entry">
148 <ul>
149 <li>Added the ability to edit clips</li>
150 </ul>
151 </div>
152 </div>
154 <div class="post">
155 <h1 class="title"> 5-09-06</h1>
156 <div class="entry">
157 <ul>
158 <li>Added option to import/export clips</li>
159 <li>Added menu option to clear quick paste text for selected clips</li>
160 </ul>
161 </div>
162 </div>
164 <div class="post">
165 <h1 class="title"> 4-26-06</h1>
166 <div class="entry">
167 <ul>
168 <li>Compact database button in options now compacts the sqlite database</li>
169 <li>Added option to prompt when deleting clips (options - Quick paste - prompt when deleting clips)</li>
170 <li>Fixed error where Ditto would show "NO TARGET" when some Outlook windows would show</li>
171 <li>Fixed shortcut key Alt-Home and removed short cut key Alt-End</li>
172 <li>Fixed crash when many clips are selected and pasted</li>
173 <li>Added Dutch translation</li>
174 </ul>
175 </div>
176 </div>
178 <div class="post">
179 <h1 class="title"> 3-26-06</h1>
180 <div class="entry">
181 <ul>
182 <li>Added ability to send files from one computer to another. Just copy the file send the clip to the other computer, on paste Ditto will copy file from computer A to B and past the file</li>
183 </ul>
184 </div>
185 </div>
187 <div class="post">
188 <h1 class="title"> 2-17-06</h1>
189 <div class="entry">
190 <ul>
191 <li>Fixed error on multiple pastes in unicode, the line fide was inserted properly</li>
192 <li>Fixed error that caused the "run on start" to not get entered properly in the registry</li>
193 <li>Fixed Error where if an item had a thumbnail with the clip then the clip was delete the thumbnail would still show in the list</li>
194 </ul>
195 </div>
196 </div>
198 <div class="post">
199 <h1 class="title"> 1-22-06</h1>
200 <div class="entry">
201 <ul>
202 <li>added special processing for CF_HDROP (copied file from windows explorer). When copied the name of the file copied will show in ditto. (it used to only show CF_HDROP</li>
203 <li>added CF_HDROP to the default save types</li>
204 <li>fixed error when pasting and auto hide is selected ditto would not auto hide on paste</li>
205 <li>when pasting from quick paste as soon as a known quick paste is typed paste it<li>
206 <li>fixed extra character from showing when using a foreign language</li>
207 </ul>
208 </div>
209 </div>
211 <div class="post">
212 <h1 class="title"> 1-24-06</h1>
213 <div class="entry">
214 <ul>
215 <li>Added number pad keys to the 0-9 shortcut keys for pasting last 10 entries</li>
216 <li>Fixed uninitialized variable that could cause Ditto to not connect to the clipboard</li>
217 <li>Fixed error that could have caused hidden icons on the desktop to show up</li>
218 </ul>
219 </div>
220 </div>
222 <div class="post">
223 <h1 class="title"> 11-1-05</h1>
224 <div class="entry">
225 <ul>
226 <li>Only show an error message once when we can't auto send a clip to a client</li>
227 <li>Added French translation</li>
228 <li>Hide tooltip window when keys are pressed and the focus is on the search edit box</li>
229 <li>Set check marks on the menu correctly when using a foreign language</li>
230 </ul>
231 </div>
232 </div>
234 <div class="post">
235 <h1 class="title"> 10-28-05</h1>
236 <div class="entry">
237 <ul>
238 <li>Added option to have ditto ensure it's always connected to the clipboard. (Options - General)</li>
239 <li>Added Italian translation</li>
240 <li>Changed how Ditto pings the clipboard to ensure it is connected to the clipboard. It was causing a conflict with some other programs that resulted in Ditto using 100% of the cpu</li>
241 <li>Fixed disconnect from clipboard. It would not disconnect.</li>
242 <li>Fixed crash when auto updating.</li>
243 <li>Replaced search combo with search edit box.</li>
244 </ul>
245 </div>
246 </div>
248 <div class="post">
249 <h1 class="title"> 10-3-05</h1>
250 <div class="entry">
251 <ul>
252 <li>Modified German Language File</li>
253 <li>Fix memory leak when showing a clip's description (F3)</li>
254 </ul>
255 </div>
256 </div>
258 <div class="post">
259 <h1 class="title"> 9-19-05</h1>
260 <div class="entry">
261 <ul>
262 <li>Modified dialogs to fit foreign language text better</li>
263 <li>Added German Language File</li>
264 <li>Added more delay when clip changes happen. I think this will help with Ditto maxing out the cpu </li>
265 </ul>
266 </div>
267 </div>
269 <div class="post">
270 <h1 class="title"> Beta 7-24-05</h1>
271 <div class="entry">
272 <ul>
273 <li>Added support for multiple languages</li>
274 <li>Added delay time for saving clips, if copies happen to fast Ditto will ignore them. Settable on General Tab in Options.</li>
275 <li>When focus is on the search combo, copy and delete will now work.</li>
276 </ul>
277 </div>
278 </div>
280 <div class="post">
281 <h1 class="title"> - 5-12-05</h1>
282 <div class="entry">
283 <ul>
284 <li>Added size limit on a clip, if a clip is over that limit the clip will not be saved</li>
285 <li>Back button will refresh the screen and go back to parent group</li>
286 <li>When focus is on the description window then you click on another window, Ditto will hide it's window correctly</li>
287 </ul>
288 </div>
289 </div>
291 <div class="post">
292 <h1 class="title"> - 4-21-05</h1>
293 <div class="entry">
294 <ul>
295 <li>Show full Rich Text or Text in description window (F3)</li>
296 <li>Added the ability to tab to description text and copy text from it</li>
297 <li>Added option to paste html format as plain text</li>
298 <li>Added option to 'Find as you Type'</li>
299 <li>Added option to always display ditto so the entire window is visible</li>
300 <li>Added option to not show clips that are in Groups in the main list</li>
301 <li>Clips are encrypted when sending across the network</li>
302 <li>Ditto must be updated on both sides for the network transfer to work</li>
303 <li>Added the ability to draw RTF text in the clip list</li>
304 <li>Added option to not send paste to active Window</li>
305 <li>Can specify a sound to play when Ditto saves a clip from the clipboard</li>
306 <li>Added shortcut key Shift - Enter to put only CF_TEXT on the clipboard and send a paste</li>
307 <li>Can use the windows keys in shortcuts</li>
308 </ul>
309 </div>
310 </div>
312 <div class="post">
313 <h1 class="title">2.4 - 11-30-04</h1>
314 <div class="entry">
315 <ul>
316 <li>Added Help file (Right-Click -> Help)</li>
317 <li>If CF_DIB (bitmaps) is saved a thumbnail of the image will be displayed in the list and in the description (option to display image or not, Options -> Quick Paste)</li>
318 <li>Added option to not start up the server thread (Options -> Friends -> Disable Receiving Clips)</li>
319 <li>Set the font of the list control (Options -> Quick Paste, Right-Click -> Quick Options)</li>
320 <li>Properties window is resizable</li>
321 <li>When searching Spaces are treated as OR unless in quotes</li>
322 <li>Added a move to group dialog (Right-Click -> Groups -> Move To Group)</li>
323 <li>Added menu option to paste CF_TEXT(Paint Text) only (Right-Click -> Paste Plain Text Only)</li>
324 <li>Check if ditto window is in a valid monitor when showing ditto</li>
325 <li>Added CF_DIB (bitmaps) to the default types</li>
326 <li>Fixed memory leak due to improper termination of MTServerThread.</li>
327 <li>Fixed "corrupted QuickPaste position when closing while minimized".</li>
328 <li>Fixed auto internet update, it was being checked properly.</li>
329 <li>Fixed bug if you used global hot keys to paste the last item in the list it would not paste.</li>
330 </ul>
331 </div>
332 </div>
334 <div class="post">
335 <h1 class="title">2.3 - 7-2-04</h1>
336 <div class="entry">
337 <ul>
338 <li>Keep multiple Computers' clipboards in sync (Friends Tab)</li>
339 <li>Send copied data automatically to other machines (Friends Tab)</li>
340 <li>Right click and send individual clips to other machines</li>
341 <li>Single click on the icon opens ditto</li>
342 <li>New method for getting the current active window to paste into</li>
343 <li>Option to close ditto on hot key if ditto is already active (General Tab, On by default)</li>
344 <li>Menu option to disconnect/connect ditto to the clipboard chain</li>
345 <li>If DAO is not installed you will be prompted to download the DAO redistribution package from</li>
346 </ul>
347 </div>
348 </div>
350 <div class="post">
351 <h1 class="title">2.2 - 2-29-04</h1>
352 <div class="entry">
353 <ul>
354 <li>Added global hot keys for the last 10 items copied</li>
355 <li>Added back button when viewing groups</li>
356 <li>Added menu options to set to</li>
357 <li>Never Auto Delete</li>
358 <li>Auto Delete</li>
359 <li>Remove Hot key</li>
360 <li>Fixed bug, when setting the group in the properties screen it was not setting the item to Never Auto Delete</li>
361 <li>Fixed bug, checking the wrong url for update</li>
362 </ul>
363 </div>
364 </div>
366 <div class="post">
367 <h1 class="title">2.1 - 2-15-04</h1>
368 <div class="entry">
369 <ul>
370 <li>Improved drawing speed</li>
371 </ul>
372 </div>
373 </div>
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376 <script type="text/javascript">
377 var sc_project=4303469;
378 var sc_invisible=0;
379 var sc_partition=54;
380 var sc_click_stat=1;
381 var sc_security="b3f57099";
382 </script>
384 <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><noscript><div class="statcounter"><a title="site stats" href="" target="_blank"><img class="statcounter" src="" alt="site stats" ></a></div></noscript>
385 <!-- End of StatCounter Code --><br><a href="">View My Stats</a>
387 </div>
389 <?php Include("rightSide.php");?>
390 </div>
392 </div>
393 </body>
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