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Commits on Mar 01, 2012
@CyberShadow Change Entity to a reference type 96568c8
@CyberShadow Update comment b71ba07
@CyberShadow Minor source tweak 86d0d22
@CyberShadow Make Entity the top level node instead of Entity[] e450933
@CyberShadow More refactoring f21afa4
@CyberShadow More refactoring 5e85956
@CyberShadow More refactoring 3955391
@CyberShadow Remove obsolete refs 55796f9
@CyberShadow set -> root c8ec503
@CyberShadow Entity.filename is now a separate field 5e1cfef
Commits on Mar 02, 2012
@CyberShadow Refactoring: replace clumsy address juggling with a target pointer a6b51b6
@CyberShadow Add a debug check to make sure reduction projections match applications ca246ef
@CyberShadow Skip files correctly 9379b26
@CyberShadow Distinguish empty files from nonexisting files 9d67d86
Commits on Mar 04, 2012
@CyberShadow Refactoring: Use isFile 774aa62
@CyberShadow Fix loadCoverage 8941e32
@CyberShadow Add per-node removed flag 37e8c00
@CyberShadow Add --no-optimize option b4fcb20
@CyberShadow Add hidden options to --help 095ea82
@CyberShadow Refactor file handling in tree while dumping c1ff355
@CyberShadow Handle comma-separated lists bba47a0
@CyberShadow Improve list reduction (add space separator) 5d9e3d4
@CyberShadow Explicitly close files (workaround D bug) 53ad5ec
@CyberShadow Don't enter infinite loop when everything is reduced 9c8a972
@CyberShadow Some internal tweaks 81d9975
@CyberShadow More precise timing 5bedbc9
@CyberShadow More accurate progress display bb0a6a8
@CyberShadow Fix obfuscation 72db37e
@CyberShadow Fix obfuscation without --keep-length beb3b36
@CyberShadow Fix filenames in --dump 472c075
@CyberShadow Fix comment 5a36fb2
@CyberShadow --noremove now spans across nodes 7ac43d6
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