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<?xml version="1.0" encoding='Windows-1251'?>
<!DOCTYPE hrc PUBLIC "-//Cail Lomecb//DTD Colorer HRC take5//EN"
<hrc version="take5" xmlns=""
<type name="asasm">
ActionScript Assembler Syntax (RABCDAsm variant)
Vladimir Panteleev <>
<region name="EscapeSequence" parent="def:StringContent"/>
<region name="ASType" parent="def:Keyword"/>
<region name="Mnemonic" parent="def:Keyword"/>
<scheme name="StringContent">
<regexp match="/\\[&#34;\\nr]/" region="EscapeSequence"/>
<regexp match="/\\x[\da-fA-F]{2}/" region="EscapeSequence"/>
<regexp match="/\\./" region="def:Error"/>
<scheme name="asasm">
<!-- Comments -->
<regexp match="/;.*$/" region0="def:Comment"/>
<!-- String literals -->
<block start="/(?{def:StringEdge}&#34;)/" end="/(?{def:StringEdge}&#34;)/" scheme="StringContent" region="def:String" inner-region="yes" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd"/>
<!-- Decimal numbers -->
<regexp match="/\b[0-9]+\b/" region0="def:NumberDec"/>
<!-- Paired brackets -->
<block start="/(\()/" end="/(\))/" scheme="asasm" region00="def:Symbol" region01="def:PairStart" region10="def:Symbol" region11="def:PairEnd"/>
<block start="/(\[)/" end="/(\])/" scheme="asasm" region00="def:Symbol" region01="def:PairStart" region10="def:Symbol" region11="def:PairEnd"/>
<block start="/(\<)/" end="/(\>)/" scheme="asasm" region00="def:Symbol" region01="def:PairStart" region10="def:Symbol" region11="def:PairEnd"/>
<!-- Outliner for refids -->
<!--regexp match="/(\brefid\b)\s*((?{def:StringEdge}&#34;))((?{def:String}[^&#34;]*))((?{def:StringEdge}&#34;))/" region1="def:Keyword" region2="def:PairStart" region3="def:Outlined" region4="def:PairEnd"/--> <!-- BUG: does not support escape sequences -->
<!--block start="/(\brefid\b)\s*(?{def:StringEdge}&#34;)/" end="/(?{def:StringEdge}&#34;)/" scheme="StringContent" region="def:Outlined" inner-region="yes" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd"/-->
<!-- Symbol/keyword highlighting below -->
<keywords region="def:Symbol">
<symb name=","/>
<keywords ignorecase="no" region="def:Directive">
<word name="#call"/>
<word name="#get"/>
<word name="#include"/>
<word name="#mixin"/>
<word name="#privatens"/>
<word name="#set"/>
<word name="#unset"/>
<word name="#version"/>
<keywords ignorecase="no" region="def:Keyword">
<word name="body"/>
<word name="cinit"/>
<word name="class"/>
<word name="code"/>
<word name="const"/>
<word name="dispid"/>
<word name="end"/>
<word name="extends"/>
<word name="flag"/>
<word name="from"/>
<word name="function"/>
<word name="getter"/>
<word name="iinit"/>
<word name="implements"/>
<word name="initscopedepth"/>
<word name="instance"/>
<word name="item"/>
<word name="localcount"/>
<word name="majorversion"/>
<word name="maxscopedepth"/>
<word name="maxstack"/>
<word name="metadata"/>
<word name="method"/>
<word name="minorversion"/>
<word name="name"/>
<word name="null"/>
<word name="optional"/>
<word name="param"/>
<word name="paramname"/>
<word name="program"/>
<word name="protectedns"/>
<word name="refid"/>
<word name="returns"/>
<word name="script"/>
<word name="setter"/>
<word name="sinit"/>
<word name="slot"/>
<word name="slotid"/>
<word name="target"/>
<word name="to"/>
<word name="trait"/>
<word name="try"/>
<word name="type"/>
<word name="value"/>
<keywords ignorecase="no" region="ASType">
<word name="Void"/>
<word name="Utf8"/>
<word name="Decimal"/>
<word name="Integer"/>
<word name="UInteger"/>
<word name="PrivateNamespace"/>
<word name="Double"/>
<word name="QName"/>
<word name="Namespace"/>
<word name="Multiname"/>
<word name="False"/>
<word name="True"/>
<word name="Null"/>
<word name="QNameA"/>
<word name="MultinameA"/>
<word name="RTQName"/>
<word name="RTQNameA"/>
<word name="RTQNameL"/>
<word name="RTQNameLA"/>
<word name="???"/>
<word name="???"/>
<word name="Namespace_Set"/>
<word name="PackageNamespace"/>
<word name="PackageInternalNs"/>
<word name="ProtectedNamespace"/>
<word name="ExplicitNamespace"/>
<word name="StaticProtectedNs"/>
<word name="MultinameL"/>
<word name="MultinameLA"/>
<word name="TypeName"/>
<keywords ignorecase="no" region="Mnemonic">
<word name="bkpt"/>
<word name="nop"/>
<word name="throw"/>
<word name="getsuper"/>
<word name="setsuper"/>
<word name="dxns"/>
<word name="dxnslate"/>
<word name="kill"/>
<word name="label"/>
<word name="ifnlt"/>
<word name="ifnle"/>
<word name="ifngt"/>
<word name="ifnge"/>
<word name="jump"/>
<word name="iftrue"/>
<word name="iffalse"/>
<word name="ifeq"/>
<word name="ifne"/>
<word name="iflt"/>
<word name="ifle"/>
<word name="ifgt"/>
<word name="ifge"/>
<word name="ifstricteq"/>
<word name="ifstrictne"/>
<word name="lookupswitch"/>
<word name="pushwith"/>
<word name="popscope"/>
<word name="nextname"/>
<word name="hasnext"/>
<word name="pushnull"/>
<word name="pushundefined"/>
<word name="pushuninitialized"/>
<word name="nextvalue"/>
<word name="pushbyte"/>
<word name="pushshort"/>
<word name="pushtrue"/>
<word name="pushfalse"/>
<word name="pushnan"/>
<word name="pop"/>
<word name="dup"/>
<word name="swap"/>
<word name="pushstring"/>
<word name="pushint"/>
<word name="pushuint"/>
<word name="pushdouble"/>
<word name="pushscope"/>
<word name="pushnamespace"/>
<word name="hasnext2"/>
<word name="pushdecimal"/>
<word name="pushdnan"/>
<word name="li8"/>
<word name="li16"/>
<word name="li32"/>
<word name="lf32"/>
<word name="lf64"/>
<word name="si8"/>
<word name="si16"/>
<word name="si32"/>
<word name="sf32"/>
<word name="sf64"/>
<word name="newfunction"/>
<word name="call"/>
<word name="construct"/>
<word name="callmethod"/>
<word name="callstatic"/>
<word name="callsuper"/>
<word name="callproperty"/>
<word name="returnvoid"/>
<word name="returnvalue"/>
<word name="constructsuper"/>
<word name="constructprop"/>
<word name="callsuperid"/>
<word name="callproplex"/>
<word name="callinterface"/>
<word name="callsupervoid"/>
<word name="callpropvoid"/>
<word name="sxi1"/>
<word name="sxi8"/>
<word name="sxi16"/>
<word name="applytype"/>
<word name="newobject"/>
<word name="newarray"/>
<word name="newactivation"/>
<word name="newclass"/>
<word name="getdescendants"/>
<word name="newcatch"/>
<word name="deldescendants"/>
<word name="findpropstrict"/>
<word name="findproperty"/>
<word name="finddef"/>
<word name="getlex"/>
<word name="setproperty"/>
<word name="getlocal"/>
<word name="setlocal"/>
<word name="getglobalscope"/>
<word name="getscopeobject"/>
<word name="getproperty"/>
<word name="getpropertylate"/>
<word name="initproperty"/>
<word name="setpropertylate"/>
<word name="deleteproperty"/>
<word name="deletepropertylate"/>
<word name="getslot"/>
<word name="setslot"/>
<word name="getglobalslot"/>
<word name="setglobalslot"/>
<word name="convert_s"/>
<word name="esc_xelem"/>
<word name="esc_xattr"/>
<word name="convert_i"/>
<word name="convert_u"/>
<word name="convert_d"/>
<word name="convert_b"/>
<word name="convert_o"/>
<word name="checkfilter"/>
<word name="convert_m"/>
<word name="convert_m_p"/>
<word name="coerce"/>
<word name="coerce_b"/>
<word name="coerce_a"/>
<word name="coerce_i"/>
<word name="coerce_d"/>
<word name="coerce_s"/>
<word name="astype"/>
<word name="astypelate"/>
<word name="coerce_u"/>
<word name="coerce_o"/>
<word name="negate_p"/>
<word name="negate"/>
<word name="increment"/>
<word name="inclocal"/>
<word name="decrement"/>
<word name="declocal"/>
<word name="typeof"/>
<word name="not"/>
<word name="bitnot"/>
<word name="concat"/>
<word name="add_d"/>
<word name="increment_p"/>
<word name="inclocal_p"/>
<word name="decrement_p"/>
<word name="declocal_p"/>
<word name="add"/>
<word name="subtract"/>
<word name="multiply"/>
<word name="divide"/>
<word name="modulo"/>
<word name="lshift"/>
<word name="rshift"/>
<word name="urshift"/>
<word name="bitand"/>
<word name="bitor"/>
<word name="bitxor"/>
<word name="equals"/>
<word name="strictequals"/>
<word name="lessthan"/>
<word name="lessequals"/>
<word name="greaterthan"/>
<word name="greaterequals"/>
<word name="instanceof"/>
<word name="istype"/>
<word name="istypelate"/>
<word name="in"/>
<word name="add_p"/>
<word name="subtract_p"/>
<word name="multiply_p"/>
<word name="divide_p"/>
<word name="modulo_p"/>
<word name="increment_i"/>
<word name="decrement_i"/>
<word name="inclocal_i"/>
<word name="declocal_i"/>
<word name="negate_i"/>
<word name="add_i"/>
<word name="subtract_i"/>
<word name="multiply_i"/>
<word name="getlocal0"/>
<word name="getlocal1"/>
<word name="getlocal2"/>
<word name="getlocal3"/>
<word name="setlocal0"/>
<word name="setlocal1"/>
<word name="setlocal2"/>
<word name="setlocal3"/>
<word name="debug"/>
<word name="debugline"/>
<word name="debugfile"/>
<word name="bkptline"/>
<word name="timestamp"/>
<!-- ***** BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *****
- Version: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1
- The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version
- 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
- the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
- Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
- WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License
- for the specific language governing rights and limitations under the
- License.
- The Original Code is the Colorer Library.
- The Initial Developer of the Original Code is
- Vladimir Panteleev <>.
- Portions created by the Initial Developer are Copyright (C) 1999-2005
- the Initial Developer. All Rights Reserved.
- Contributor(s):
- Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the terms of
- either the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later (the "GPL"), or
- the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 or later (the "LGPL"),
- in which case the provisions of the GPL or the LGPL are applicable instead
- of those above. If you wish to allow use of your version of this file only
- under the terms of either the GPL or the LGPL, and not to allow others to
- use your version of this file under the terms of the MPL, indicate your
- decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
- and other provisions required by the LGPL or the GPL. If you do not delete
- the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
- the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
- ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** -->
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