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Article: Is D slim yet?


  • Solid (filled) nodes represent individual commits.
    Click the node to open the relevant GitHub pull request.

  • Hollow nodes (circles) represent commits that have been grouped together.
    To see individual commits, click on the graph to zoom in until they appear as individual solid dots.

  • When two nodes are not connected by a line, there is unknown intermediary data between them.
    This can occur due to a number of reasons:

    • TrenD did not yet sample these particular commits.
      Check back in a few hours or days.
    • TrenD failed to build these commits.
      This can happen because of a problem with D's source code at the time (missing files, broken makefiles, etc.), or simply because TrenD doesn't know how to build D's source code from that time.
    • The selected test failed to run for that version of the D source code.
      This can occur due to e.g. incompatibilities between Valgrind and something D used.

    See the tooltip for the node on the right side of a gap for information about omitted commits.