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6b74a3f @braddr Add a dmd changelog file
braddr authored
1 $(VERSION 053, ddd mm, 2011, =================================================,
48950d4 @donc Update changelog
donc authored
4 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2656): Remove octal literals)
5 $(LI Allow impure code inside debug conditionals)
6b74a3f @braddr Add a dmd changelog file
braddr authored
6 )
48950d4 @donc Update changelog
donc authored
8 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2436): Unexpected OPTLINK termination EIP = 00425303 with /co)
9 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3372): optlink silently mistreats object files with more than 16384 symbols)
10 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4275): Unexpected optlink termination when 'export' attribute is missing)
12 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5670): Optlink 8.00.11 crash)
6b74a3f @braddr Add a dmd changelog file
braddr authored
14 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 937): C-style variadic functions broken)
48950d4 @donc Update changelog
donc authored
15 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 1330): Array slicing does not work the same way in CTFE as at runtime)
16 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 1336): Inconsistent __traits usage)
17 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 1389): Can't use mixin expressions when start of a statement)
18 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 1880): templates instantiated with non-constants should fail sooner)
19 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2257): Template value parameters behave like alias parameters)
20 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2414): enum is dynamically evaluated, yum)
21 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2526): non-const initializer to constant accepted inside template)
22 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2706): invalid template instantiation (and declaration?) is not rejected)
23 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2733): Unclear semantics of template value parameters)
24 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2841): char[] incorrectly accepted as a template value argument in D2)
25 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2850): bad codegen for struct static initializers)
26 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 2990): TypeInfo.init() returns invalid array)
27 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3086): TypeInfo opEquals returns incorrect results)
28 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3214): Incorrect DWARF line number debugging information on Linux)
29 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3271): Struct initializers silently fail)
30 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3516): Destructor not called on temporaries)
31 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3792): Regression(1.053) "non-constant expression" for a template inside a struct using a struct initializer)
32 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3779): ["123"][0][$-1] causes __dollar unresolved in compile-time)
33 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3801): CTFE: this.arr[i] cannot be evaluated at compile time for structs)
34 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3835): ref foreach does not work in CTFE)
35 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4033): Error: base class is forward referenced)
36 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4050): [CTFE] array struct member slice update)
37 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4051): [CTFE] array struct member item update
38 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4097): Error: can only declare type aliases within static if conditionals)
39 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4140): Error: non-constant expression "hello"[1u..__dollar])
40 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4298): Constant array translated to unnecessary array literal creation)
41 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4322): "void initializer has no value" on struct/union members initialized to "void")
42 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4329): Do not show error messages that refer to __error)
43 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4360): Allow intrinsics in core.bitop to operate as intrinsics)
44 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4437): copy construction bug with "return this;")
45 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4499): calls to @disabled postblit are emitted)
46 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4543): Regression(1.054, 2.038) typedef causes circular definition and segfault)
47 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4750): fail_compilation/fail225.d causes dmd to segv)
48 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4833): dmd -od doesn't make it to optlink's command line for map files)
49 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4917): Symbol conflict error message refers to aliased symbol instead of the alias)
50 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5147): [CTFE] Return fixed-size matrix)
51 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5362): checking $ in bracket is broken)
52 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5482): Crash with align(0))
53 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5485): TLS sections handled incorrectly)
54 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5524): [CTFE] Trouble with typesafe variadic function)
55 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5647): [64-bit] Valgrind complains about illegal instruction)
56 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5649): std.conv.parse faulty for floating point with -O -m32)
57 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5657): Temporary object destruction)
58 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5694): va_arg doesn't work with idouble and ifloat)
59 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5671): CTFE string concat problem)
60 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5672): ICE(cod2.c): incorrect optimization of (long &1) == 1)
61 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5678): new enum struct re-allocated at compile time)
62 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5694): va_arg doesn't work with idouble and ifloat)
63 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5706): Incorrect opcode prefix generated for x86_64 inline assembly)
64 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5708): Incorrect string constant folding with -inline)
65 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5717): 1.067 regression: appending Unicode char to string broken)
66 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5722): Regression(2.052): Appending code-unit from multi-unit code-point at compile-time gives wrong result)
67 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5735): non-scalar types implicitly converted to boolean)
68 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5740): Unable to use this pointer in inline assembly)
69 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5741): Add the SYSCALL and SYSRET opcodes to the inline assembler)
70 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5812): Added constant fold optimisations for ^^ expressions)
71 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5852): CTFE: wrong code for string[] ~= const(string))
72 $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5858): Import doesn't accept const string as argument)
73 $(LI Clarify tuple index out of bounds error message)
74 $(LI Add 64 version of xchg and jmp to inline assembler. Fixed 64 bit LEA)
75 $(LI CTFE: Generate error messages for accessing null arrays)
76 $(LI Fix optimizer bug with to!float("123e2"))
77 $(LI Add parent to __traits for QtD support)
6b74a3f @braddr Add a dmd changelog file
braddr authored
78 )
79 )
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