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@Cyberbeing Cyberbeing released this 06 Dec 20:16
· 657 commits to xy_sub_filter_rc5 since this release


  • Update Cache defaults (LV1 256->2048, LV4 512->768)
  • Parser optimizations

Features & Changes

  • Support Yasm 1.3.0
  • Update Boost & UnRAR Libraries (Pull Request #12)
  • Support for building with Visual Studio 2012/2013
  • Static UnRAR support
  • Interlaced video: Pass-through dwTypeSpecificFlags and dwInterlaceFlags
  • Pass-through dwControlFlags and actually use colorimetry information
  • Update CSRI name (vsfilter_textsub -> xy-vsfilter_textsub)
  • Update Blacklist

Bug Fix

  • Fix override tag argument splitting (Pull Request #11)
  • PGS palette was incorrectly parsed
  • Certain PGS subtitles display an opaque background instead of transparent.
  • Unable to load subtitle files with uppercase file extension
  • Correct a parser check which broke loading of script embedded UUE fonts
  • Support U+10000-U+10FFFF UTF-8 encoded character
  • Improve handling of UTF-8 subtitles with BOM
  • 'YCbCr Matrix = None' used incorrect matrix
  • WrapStyle 3
  • Various pin and colorspace connection logic issues
  • Corruption with extremely large border sizes
  • VOBSUB with overlapping timestamps
  • VOBSUB custom palette in MKV
  • CSRI & SSF color type was incorrect