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node-postcode Build Status

API wrapper for the API.


  • gathering addresses using postcode, house number and house number addition
  • verifying address data


var Postcode = require("node-postcode").Postcode;
var client = new Postcode({
  key: /* your API key */,
  secret: /* your API secret */

client.address("1111AA", 1)
.then(function (addressDetails) {
  /* addressDetails contains information about the address (if valid) */


$ npm i node-postcode

You can retrieve your own API credentials over here (only available in Dutch at time of writing).

API Reference

PostcodeClient (Class)

The client exposing the address and signal functions

new PostcodeClient(options)

  • Arguments

    • options - An object containing key and secret (required)
  • Example

    new PostcodeClient({
      key: "YOUR_KEY",
      secret: "YOUR_SECRET"
  • Returns

    An instance of the PostcodeClient class

PostcodeClient.address(postcode, number[, numberAddition])

  • Arguments

    • postcode - required A postcode in the format 1111AA (4 digits, 2 letters). Can not start with a 0. Letters do not have to be in uppercase as these will be forced to uppercase when making the API call. 1111 AA is also accepted, as spaces in the string are removed
    • number - required An integer in the range of 0 - 99999
    • numberAddition - An addition to the number. Can indicate which apartment, room, office
  • Example

    client.address("1111AA", 1)
    .then(function (addressDetails) {
        addressDetails = { street: 'Diemerkade',
          houseNumber: 1,
          houseNumberAddition: '',
          postcode: '1111AA',
          city: 'Diemen',
          municipality: 'Diemen',
          province: 'Noord-Holland',
          rdX: 125497,
          rdY: 483727,
          latitude: 52.34067657,
          longitude: 4.95429501,
          bagNumberDesignationId: '0384200000016667',
          bagAddressableObjectId: '0384010000016511',
          addressType: 'building',
          purposes: [ 'residency' ],
          surfaceArea: 64,
          houseNumberAdditions: [ '' ] }
    .catch(function (err) {
      /* Err will contain the error returned by either the API or the HTTP request */
  • Returns

    Returns a Promise. When successful, .then(function (addressDetails) {}) is returned. The format and explanation of the returned data can be found at the official documentation of the API. When an error occurs, .catch(function (err) {}) contains the error given. When err.code == "PostcodeNl_Service_PostcodeAddress_AddressNotFoundException", the postcode and number supplied do not resolve to an address.

    When numberAddition is supplied, but houseNumberAddition is an empty string, the numberAddition can not be verified, but this does not mean that mail sent to this address will not be accepted.


To run the tests created for this plugin, run the following command:

$ npm test

To make sure all tests succeed, make sure that you set the environment variables API_KEY and API_SECRET to their correct values. Errors will be thrown if the credentials are not valid


API Wrapper for the API. Supports gathering addresses from postcode and house number, verifying address data and the iDEAL API







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