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Welcome to use the development services provided by the CYBEX Developers!


CYBEX Developers is an open-source blockchain community. It provides developers and business enterprises with a platform on which to build, deploy and run high-performing decentralized applications.


Moreover, if you agree with the DPoS consensus behind CYBEX public blockchain and look to extend the innovation of the blockchain to all industries that rely upon the internet to provide their services. The CYBEX is inviting you to join the global community of developers who all share the same goal of participating and contributing in CYBEX blockchain governance, creation and operation.


CYBEX provides the following supports for developers:

  • 接口支持:CYBEX网络向开发者提供开发服务开放接口。

  • APIs: Entitled to use the relevant APIs in CYBEX network.

  • 开发工具:包括Python,JavaScript等语言的辅助库及Demo示例。

  • Tools: Various libraries (such as Python, JavaScript) and available demos.

  • 服务保障:丰富的技术和产品文档,高效的在线技术咨询支持

  • Services: Technical documentation, online support and training.

CYBEX开发者社区的优势(Benefits of Being CYBEX Developers)

商业合作(Business Cooperation)


CYBEX provides solutions for the banks, exchanges and merchants in the network. Under the help of decentralized technology and CYBEX financial infrastructure, business enterprises will provide their customers with better services.

CYB持有人(CYBEX Shareholders)


Every CYBEX shareholder can apply for budget items no matter whether you are a developer or not.

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