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Firmware files for Little Snipper. This firmware builds on OpenWrt BARRIER BREAKER (Bleeding Edge).


Cyborg Unplug Little Snipper is a privacy appliance for the home, hotel and workplace. It detects and optionally disconnects (outside US only) selected devices known to pose a risk to personal privacy, stopping streams of image, video and audio data to the Internet (or the car outside).

Using a Virtual Private Network, this little plug also encrypts your Internet traffic, locking out spies along the route. It can also be used to easily and privately share files on a USB stick with others on the same network. No extra software is required on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Visit the project page here.


Note the wr710n (DIY) branch is far behind master now and will be discontinued. This is due to TP-Link finally giving into the FCC and ensuring that this device can't be flashed with alternative, after-market firmware. We're currently looking into a new OpenWrt capable router target widely available in shops worldwide to support.


You may note that the branches have an /etc/shadow published here. The password is a dummy and will be ineffective in a physical attack on the device. For-sale devices are all given a unique /etc/shadow just prior to shipping. More so, remote SSH attempts are not possible against shipped devices, which are blocked by a firewall for all WAN clients (including the Cyborg Unplug VPN admins!).