This repository contains Addons that will make other plugins work with Cookiebot.
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Cookiebot WordPress Addons

Cookiebot Addons are plugins for WordPress that make other plugins compatible with Cookiebot. The addons hook into the original plugin and render the cookie setting tags as advised by the Cookiebot guidelines at

Concurrently we are working with WP Core on what we believe is the real solution. A framework in WP Core that can signal the consent state to other plugins, so that they can handle their cookie setting code without explicit support for Cookiebot, or other cookie plugins. If and when this will be implemented is unknown.

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Table of contents

Installation (for regular users)

Regular users should use Cookiebot WordPress plugin which includes Cookiebot Addons.

Installation (for development purpose)

  1. Get the latest release of the framework plugin to your WP plugins folder
  2. Rename cookiebot-addons.txt to cookiebot-addons.php
  3. Add "define('COOKIEBOT_ADDONS_STANDALONE',true);" to your wp-config.php
  4. Go to the admin page of your WP installation and activate the plugin
  5. You are done, verify that it works

How do I make my plugin support Cookiebot?

See the Cookiebot API readme for more details about the Cookiebot API

See How to block cookies

See How to add new addon

See Admin UI


Following plugins have native (built-in) support for Cookiebot:

Released and tested addons:

Following addons are in pipeline:

  • To be continued..

If you have a plugin that you would like integration for, please submit a request in the Issues section.


Everyone is welcome to make a pull request with new addon support, or to fix existing addons.

Shout out to

@fschaeffler - HubSpot Tracking Code

@irondan - AddToAny

@Jursdotme - Custom Facebook Feed from Smashballoon

@MarcZijderveld - Popups by OptinMonster

Way to go!

Need to get in touch?

There are several ways you can get in touch with us.
We are available on the Making Wordress Slack workspace.
Username: Kenan
You can also reach us through our helpdesk at