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10K Pizza Cryptofolio

A single-page cryptocurrency portfolio with extra bells and whistles.

10K Pizza

This code forms the basis for 10K Pizza, which runs this code on production along with a backend to manage user logins and additional email alert functionality.

Aside: Installing with the server code

If you're interested in running the site without a backend, this repository is all you'll need. If you'd like to include the backend code (which features a database, registration and login), you can pull the server and front-end from


To download and install the 10K Pizza cryptofolio locally, you'll need to clone with the "recursive" flag since this repository includes the latest cryptocoins repo as well:

git clone --recursive

Reporting Requests, Bugs & Issues

Feel free to add issues to the repository as necessary. If you want to get my attention quicker, you can ping me directly on Twitter: @cybourgeoisie or @10K_Pizza.


Any crypto donations are welcome and greatly appreciated:

Bitcoin: 1DvKL6bsvFbPLHzpfyi1gN14UTLeTMteP1

Bitcoin Cash: 1aXsChnzsjJZ5K5moNqeuxzniJ6p4atra

Ethereum: 0x0963f59FB09D899768Bcd2599529d2CAaC855d2c

Litecoin: LTXtDghDffVX6jarwskRsgP63qYyuh8AC3

Monero: 41zJ821YXfp952H7XAFNpZimo1gsF8V8mhd8ioSYf6tvesq5Tjm2rW5F1qM4uCFFgATQztxXowd5Q9pR3hpQvgcz5Z4QMha

Decred: DsiRCP7pvKF5RgEuUgT77cHVtBdwRwSWNxV